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March 30, 2017

Interview regular in 髙kyoshacho March

<formation connection>
髙kyoshacho: Audience rating until cool twelfth week is GH6.7% (from the year before -0.1p), PT6.2% (-0.3p), the situation that is less than 2.8% (-0.2p) and last year all day, but wants to make an effort till the last in January while fixing the eyes on April so that there is few somehow, and audience rating is given.

Because "world table tennis" (from May 29 to June 5 @ Germany Dusseldorf) and "French Open Tennis Championships tennis" (from May 28 to June 11 @ France Paris) broadcasting around GH, PT are piled up as future special program partly this year every year for period, titled "TV Tokyo sports festival world table tennis & French Open Tennis Championships tennis," we are going to heap up on unprecedented scale. Please expect.

In drama, we broadcasted drama special plan "forest without flower and fruit" yesterday (March 29), but, from 9:00 to stop by on Wednesday, April 5, drama special plan sends "drama special" from 9:00 when drama depends particularly on Wednesday for plan "hagoku" and three weeks on TV TOKYO opening of an office memorial day from 9:00 when "person of winter bud" stops on Wednesday, April 12. We will intend to broadcast drama with such a variation that we laid emphasis on as plan regularly in particular in future. 

We wrestled under the theme of "development and upbringing of contents to take the new times like TV TOKYO" on about reorganization in April.
7:54 to stop by on Saturday "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" We organize this. Program which won popularity as special program finally becomes regular so far. In addition, at 10:00 to stop by on Sunday, "Chaplin is gradually" promoted from the middle of the night and renews to "nichiyo Chaplin". "Fishing fool diary Season2 new rice employee Hamasaki Japanese roulette" that previous work made a big hit starts "drama of Friday 8:00".

And at first we enlarge broadcast frame of morning economic news "MORNING SATELLITE NEWS" (from Monday to Friday asa 5:45) and, by weekday belt program, do for large-scale economic news for 80 minutes. Concerning early time, we want to expand contents more in the morning so that it is in "unmissable program" that you can see to specialists in more finance markets.
In addition, "L4YOU!" which spread out from front program "Lady's 4" as information program of 4:00 in total for 34 years in the evening In place of this, we start living information program "yojigoji Days" of live broadcasting at 15:55 newly on Monday, April 3. Male MC according to day and Announcer Miho Ohashi introduce dishes which are useful for popular spot, housewife of advantageous information and rumor to want to know now that came from life.

By animation, we organized "snack world" at 7:25 to stop by on Thursday. As this work is animation which we prepared for with thing with full CG for long term, we are considerably expecting as us. In addition, there is "Royal Family teacher Heine" from Tuesday late at night 2:05 in late-night frame for prospective place.
<business connection>  
髙kyoshacho: -4.2%, spot compared with the previous year were +5.2%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, in February, thyme became -0.6%. As for the time, sales of local thyme was brisk, but had a hard fight in net thyme and sales of special program. In the spot, as for the TV TOKYO, "food" "finance, insurance" is brisk, and it is 105.2% by acquisition of high share item or effective frame operation from the year before more, and it is each generation best sales for single mon in February.
We exceeded +0.9% and last year compared with the previous year with thyme and the total of spot for total in 16.

<animation connection>
髙kyoshacho: In the new year, we want to lay emphasis on animation in particular, and site for animation fans sending information of animated show of TV TOKYO from Saturday, April 1 starts member of pay service in "older brother shine" newly.

We expand development of Web system that streaming service included animation in toward the next leap more and think that we can go into new ground. Please expect.

Q: "Beast friends" become topic on net, but reaction and future development?
A: There is reaction more than our assumptions in nets and is glad very much. It hears the future that production of the latest picture was decided. In addition, we announce if decided.

Q: Seem to want to go into new ground, but a feeling of expectation to "older brother shine"?
A: We prepared for a long time for approximately one and a half years to focus on only animation, and to deliver. Do not think that charging increases immediately, but the whole site is renewed, and can get information that animation fan is various, think that delivery of video increases again, but is thinking that it was possible for a various such platform which can devise.

<public information connection>  
髙kyoshacho: TV TOKYO participates in "spring garden cherry tree Festival 2017" of now being held (from March 21 to April 2 holding) this year around Roppongi-Itchome Station. It becomes the third participation at this time. Both animation and movie prepared for photo spot that they could photograph in front of large size panel of new program of start in stamp rally and April of "Pocket Monster" which reached the 20th anniversary this year. We are going to hold comedy live of "nichiyo Chaplin" in (April 1, sat) with (March 31, fri) the day after tomorrow tomorrow.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Yuichi Takahashi
TV TOKYO managing director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO board member programming division, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Hiroyuki Itasaka
TV TOKYO public information manager Hibino estrade

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