Regular president interview

February 23, 2017

Interview regular in 髙kyoshacho February

<swing return marks of 2016 and ambition of 2017>
髙kyoshacho: It might be year when sign, problem of change about 4K broadcast and delivery became form and appeared last year. We think that consciousness as the whole company increased. Originally as rights section including animation business is relatively big company, we change consciousness from the neighborhood and think that ground wave, BS wave must cope together in the times. It was not one year when we could be satisfied at point of audience rating while tendency to drop of HUT continued. We think that change from last year appears in various forms this year. After all root and trunk to cope with it is program content. We can endure the later development if we give individuality of program more, and recognition may increase, too. In addition, we were able to finish move of head office without gross mistake last year. Various sections were gathered in the new head office by one floor, and communication became easy. The effect is not expressed with number, but, through information sharing and active discussion, thinks that we want you to make use for the making of unit-related program which there is.

<formation connection>
髙kyoshacho: As for the audience rating until cool seventh week, GH6 .6% (-0.2p), PT6 .2% (-0.2p) have a hard fight a little all day with 2.9% (from the year before ± 0p) in January. We think that there is chance to raise still more and few harden base and want to connect response in April as there is feeling part.
Future programming schedule broadcasts "snowboarding & freestyle skiing world championship 2017" held once in two years following the year before last. The site in this year is performed in Spain on Sunday for from Wednesday, March 8 to 19th. From Friday, March 17 8:00 p.m. "the world! We broadcast craftsman wagon. Craftsman of every field that Japan is proud of goes out abroad and we interchange with local person and solve problem with craftsmanship.
It was receiving a prize-related, and, on Wednesday, September 21, last year, scriptwriter, Sunao Morishita of the Miyuki Miyabe suspense "imitation criminal" who broadcasted on Thursday (holiday) on 22nd first part, the latter part won the 19th "Ryuzo Kikushima Prize" of general screenwriter association. We have Morishita deal with many works including "Wednesday mystery" until now. Concerning receiving a prize from nomination 7 work of movie 6 work and 1 TV work, we are glad.

Q: It is six years from the Great East Japan Earthquake soon, but do you plan earthquake disaster-related program broadcast?
A: In "the daybreak of Gaia" and normal news and program including "yuugata satellite", we plan special feature that featured the theme of earthquake disaster. We continue series that featured the theme of earthquake disaster not thing only in this March until now at "the daybreak of Gaia".

<business connection>
髙kyoshacho: +0.5%, spot compared with the previous year were -2.9%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, in the third-quarter, thyme became -0.9%. When there may be many uncertain factors including confusion of the world economy, after President Trump election of last year, we stood, but big damage does not appear for the moment. Business income in the year cannot be readily called assumption street, but it is expected that we seem to be able to stay somehow. Year total until January is +1.1% in thyme spot. In form that some spots that were power of traction fall last year, but rights sections such as animation are steady, and business holds out, and rights add to there in this year it is expected, and is with expectation of 5,700 million yen in operating income. We anticipate cost increase of 30 hundreds of millions of yen only with new head office connection this year, but are thinking that we were able to cover expense increase of moving to some extent because operating income of last year is 7,200 million yen.

Q: Broadcasting ethics inspection Committee of BPO announced opinion book that it is said that equitableness more qualitative than quantitative equitableness is important, but how are they thinking about the news of the Upper House election and Tokyo governor election of last year?
A: When it is very important namonodearukarakosonogo opinion that the broadcast media is indispensable to democracy, we arrest. We spoke for broadcast including relations with Broadcast Act including the present election news and constitution clearly. In brief, it is impression told "to try harder" for Japanese democracy. For commercial broadcasting consecutive news chairperson, even news Committee has begun to already move promptly to take up, and to watch various opinions, and to publicize in commercial broadcasting ream.

Q: It is married player of professional baseball, Tokyo Yakult Swallows for New Year holidays, and Asami Konno of announcer will be left in March.
A: With very unique career, we studied with an effort and graduated from university and felt strength of splendid will as announcer. We appeared on program of dance while doing work of normal announcer. We think that such a plan is not established other than her. Unfortunately, it would respect that it gave priority to home in this sense to leave the office as us this time as it was announcer who did original brightness.

≪Person of interview≫
TV TOKYO CEO President Yuichi Takahashi
TV TOKYO managing director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO board member programming division, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Hiroyuki Itasaka
TV TOKYO public information manager Hibino estrade

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