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November 30, 2017

Interview regular in President Komago November

<formation connection>
(President Shigeru Komago)  
As far as GH6.7% (from the year before +0.3p), PT6.2% (+0.2p) are 2.8% (+0.1p) and a few at the time of the eighth week end all day in (from October 2 to November 26), but, as for the audience rating of October Kool, are very thankful for turning to the top steadily.
We think that various factors are, but there is actual feeling that program of April start has begun to reach to audiences steadily in January and there are mountain and valley, but very strongly has feeling that got on track every month in every term.

"May charge of Tetsuro Degawa (every Saturday 19:54 ...)?", and "it is good that there is house (every Wednesday 21:00 ...)," or "emergency SOS! All the wed great strategies to skip of pond feel that response came out steadily. Particularly, broadcasted for from 19:54 to 21:54 on Sunday, November 26; "urgent SOS! It is heterology in pond maximum in history! 10,000 monsters? All the wed great strategy 5 to skip of pond acquired audience rating of 12.8%, and this was the best in variety program of TV TOKYO broadcasted this year. 12% of super edesu since 12.1% of "Japan married woman who married into unexplored region" who broadcasted for "variety big on Sunday" limit judging from each generation on Sunday, November 11, 2012. We want to work hard at program production more carefully while making use of this steadily.

New program "hyakkin!" which we started by reorganization of October Substituted (every Tuesday 18:55 ...) and Monday for broadcast day on Thursday; "the world! Some audience ratings fell into person cheering party (every Monday 20:00 ...) and "medical office where the chief physician is found" in (every Thursday 19:54 ...) which want to go to Japan first, but this thinks with one of the responses that we suddenly recover in the current situation. There is your support and thinks that we are very thankful.

<business connection>
(President Shigeru Komago)
+0.4%, spot compared with the previous year are +2.1%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, in October, thyme rises with +1.1%. It is 17 total, but -3.8%, spot compared with the previous year are +0.1%, thyme and the totals of spot, and -2.4% and some thyme compared with the previous year still have a hard fight, but as we get the touch to go up to standard that we aimed at somehow in the beginning of a term and it follows in December and receives report of favorable condition, we go over year by the same force, and thyme is thinking that new year should be invited.

<about future special program>
(President Komago)
For the year-end and New Year holidays from 2017 through 2018, we brushed up thing which grew up in main program in program of TV TOKYO or constant seller program which growth could expect from now on and organized. We do thing having you usually enjoy in still more fun form and, rather than New Year dishes-like program, push forward to with stance that we provide.

The year-end and New Year formation catch phrase is "TV Tokyo lucky bag - popularity program, ... which we all put".
Add various devices in program, and become true lucky bag; hear that devise.

In New Year's Day to "to do what Japan in YOU" This to "to do what Japan in YOU? Four hours 20 minutes special!" We do with (January 1, 2018 Sunday and Monday celebration from 17:55 to 22:15) and broadcast by exceptional length called four hours 20 minutes. Furthermore, we carry out program history, the largest location. Even if international airline is lowest, one 1st is that we do location with all the airports of whole country 26 flying in. This which does not omit trouble is quality of TV TOKYO and is not accompanied by how long there were many rejected things imagination, but broadcasts one action for four hours 20 minutes in New Year's Day after having come through such hardships. We think that it becomes program such as crystal "of quality of" TV TOKYO.

On January 2 "is urgently SOS! We outrun all the wed of pond and broadcast congratulations 2018 (January 2, 2018, tue celebration from 17:55 to 21:00). This is special program for first three hours, too. We come back to the origin of simple concept called "pulling wed of" pond, and it is said with certain refreshment or hears when we seem to be finished in program which we remember somehow when over.

And it is pyonchanorimpikku beginning in next February, but announces on this occasion as Tsugiharu Ogiwara of Nagano Olympics representative from Japan in 1998 was fixed at Kotaro Koizumi of actor, anchor field to main caster of TV TOKYO.
Koizumi has you be in charge of Olympics caster at the Rio Olympics of last year for the first time and will ask in winter following summer. In addition, it is Announcer Reina Washimi and Announcer Noriko Fukuda of TV TOKYO that it becomes the first Olympics caster together to support two people.
We think whether there are various devices by Olympics broadcast of TV TOKYO again, but would appreciate your looking forward to.

Q: About the last day of the year, process about what we do not inherit in boxing this year, aim to broadcast drama in substitution for boxing again
A: (Director Osada)
Boxing broadcast of the last day of the year continued for six years. We talk about thanks in having had you attach bloom led by Uchiyama at the end of the year of TV TOKYO. There is not broadcast this time at the end of the year, but possibility that we organize if timing comes is enough as we box and want to continue relaying in future.
About this last day of the year, we organized whether Goro Inogashira could look forward to to what he ate to complete audiences for one year in "gourmets of loneliness" who got very high support by saying, anyway, to brush up popular program of TV TOKYO, and to organize.

Q: For the Tokyo Olympics, is there place to be conscious of by broadcast of this pyonchanorimpikku while there is common point called meeting without time difference although there is difference in the winter season and the summer?
A: (President Komago)
4K, 8K broadcast are to begin at the time of the Tokyo Olympics. There is problem of cost and still thinks trial in various meanings to be as commercial broadcasting on a large scale how NHK and commercial broadcasting, each use new technique, but thinks that we may do try that it is various with each station toward the Tokyo Olympics. We think that all is not just succeeded for the Tokyo Olympics in winter as it is different in the summer, but it is said to simulate the Tokyo Olympics for the staff and is only thinking that it is at opportunity.

<animation contents business connection>
(President Shigeru Komago)
"Revival of movie Yo-Kai Watch shadow side Onio" is released on December 16. It is exhibition for 4 consecutive years at the end of the year. "Adult takes this concerning light horror" to be able to enjoy this time when it is challenge as new contents. We expect this to include good results.

Q: Look back on this year
A: (President Komago)
Probably it will be written with age that became epoch making when we will read history of media in the future in 2017. The American President began we continued sending the word fake news on press conference and Twitter almost every day, but, not only the United States, thinks that the direction of the wind for the media is different year in various countries. Not only, not problem only for newspaper and TV, it is said that each government authority has begun to change stance again, but also thinks that it may be year when viewpoint for thing called the media of audience, readers or SNS users or journalism changed considerably.
For TV TOKYO group, there are part and part of head wind and both fair winds. It was a good chance to think about the media where it would last in the future as TV TOKYO group which occupied Ikkaku of the media, and trust was continued getting being what kind of thing very much. We think that we may not reflect in program of one one little by little, and discussion in such an office is.
For example, there is totally no lie in "wed of pond, too" and does not end even the last broadcast by force. It is strange technique too much that we show that it is not over, and go on the next time, but thinks that such a sense roots in the spot broadcasting to not having appeared when we appear in nothing showing in such a form obediently properly.
When it is what TV should do than other media already once that we come back to the origin, and tell about straight fact honestly. We are very glad that such a consciousness has already rooted. We think that such a thing was able to confirm in TV TOKYO in this year when position, position and function, role of the media are called into question.
This directionality is thing told from the spot, but this directionality thinks whether it is in year to confirm that it is right next year. Even other programs appear everywhere and think whether you were able to step forward to first one step to be able to aim at TV station putting up in battle front regarding obedience, honesty as important. As a result, such a thing still has feeling whether leads to fair wind blowing in TV TOKYO deeply.
We are planning to withdraw, and there is we manager for role to send various ideas that the spot produced to everybody and thinks with one process shedding off the skin in TV station more different from other stations.
We receive headwind, both favorable winds, but think that it was one year studied very much for us.

[BS Japan]
(President BS Japan Ichiro Ishikawa)

It was one year when we strengthened drama and news relations when we looked back on one year of BS Japan of this year.

We had prize of commercial broadcasting ream about drama for 2 consecutive years. It is frame of historical drama broadcasting at 20:00 on Tuesday, but Shotaro Ikenami historical drama is broadcasting "light and shadow" now. Historical drama gradually colonizes and, in the third year, becomes able to finally have high seeing and hearing data and has feeling that we settled in.

In drama, we organized the authentic modern drama frames as another challenge for the first time from 21:00 on Saturday. It is "Jiro Asada Prison hotel" to have started in October. Do not gradually do interesting modern drama in "BS Japan and come to have voice called "and think that this is settling.
desu where new series of Kool "sells Yukio Mishima life" in January following "Prison hotel." This work is thing approximately 50 years ago with work which was published two years before Yukio Mishima commits suicide, but is novel of contents which there is not of sense of incongruity at all even if we just read. It becomes considerably interesting drama. Main character who attempts suicide saying "we want to die" was not able to die after all, but, commencing with business to sell own life, various human being drama is developed in the process. The last main character comes to think "to want to grow", but if you read novel and can look at drama, we broadcast just this work why or think whether there is not that it can be revealed. Please expect.

In addition, topic was one of (we broadcast - by ground wave at celebration 12:00 on Sunday and Monday on October 9) which broadcasted special program "carnival on ice" of figure skating on Sunday, November 19, but after, please, and broadcasting the first commentary to Itsuki Machida by this program, there was serious reaction from audience. In two days on November 17 when Machida announced comment including spirit to the first commentary and 19th when we broadcasted, it was impression with more than of formula Twitter of BS Japan 600,000, and there was reaction so as to exceed the one-month average total number of conventional BS Japan in only two days. Machida seemed to be said to be philosopher "on" ice and it was not only origin and background of used musical piece, technique of skating including thing about kind and choreography that jump was various and had you speak the wide cultural side, and there was reaction from audience very much.

We continue such a challenge and want to carry bird of "one operation of ground wave, BS, delivery" in future.

We follow and talk about the year-end and New Year formation.
For these year-end and New Year holidays, we broadcast special program of some golf in BS Japan.

One eye special program "golf young warrior, kensan! It is fight (December 30, sat from 17:00 to 18:24) of entertainer, Toru Hotohara. "Golf samurai" is program broadcasting from asa 8:00 every Sunday, but, in fact, after hearing, and appearing on program, and offering to Hotohara, we have ready consent, and it will be "just said that the Japan's most interesting program praised highly with golf samurai" very much with fight with real swords with professional player senior in program of "Ametalk!" of TV Asahi Toru Hotohara of Ameagari Kesshitai to be big fan of this program at this time. Please expect.

Furthermore, is the on TV first costarring of Tatsunori Hara former Manager at Giants and pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano of Giants which acquired many prizes commencing with Sawamura Prize in 17 wins five defeats and good grade this year, "TV's first costarring! We send gorufugachinko confrontation (provisionally) of Tatsunori Hara vs. Tomoyuki Sugano dream. What kind of; is confronted, or think that may enjoy including thing such as confrontation "of" uncle and nephew native.
The above was golf special program connection. It is special program that can be pleased with audience of BS successively.

We provide "Hibari Misora (provisionally) only for special plan me" (January 5, fri from 19:00 to 20:54). Precious picture of much Hibari Misora was discovered in warehouse of suponichikurieitsu where picture of Sports Nippon news was kept the other day. We broadcast while introducing such a precious picture. We think that there is thing which considerably strongly approaches for Hibari Misora fan. We think that you can see by all means.

Q: The preparations situation that it will be another one year until 4K practical use broadcast on December 1 tomorrow, but are concrete?
A: (President Ishikawa)
About BS4K broadcast, we think that it is good opportunity when the new media comes out for the whole television transmission as well as BS. It has audacious thought that a lot of places where it is not readily revealed that we do not actually see can take culture of TV to using this picture for stage when one step is different again whether thing of what kind of picture is developed, but it is reality that do not easily readily advance when it is the real preparations situation. We make project team in office, and, besides, formation, production, various discussion argues including business. What we push forward produces mainly on drama in 4K, and it is actually expected that some number is prepared until December in the next year. It is not stage to be able to talk at this place, but, pushing forward improvement of contents of such 4K and real broadcast, it will be still reality from now on more that is thinking while doing various simulation you keep alive for business, and how you do imitation Ta'izz.
As for the biggest problem, TV which 4K tuner had built-in is how long you appear how long, but as it may be said that we are not seen even if we buy TV at stage when it is not broadcasted, after all it spreads in earnest from around next winter, and place whether you arrest there well, and we provide splendid contents, and you can stretch out is thinking that it may be played.
We touched some time ago, but TV TOKYO group raises one administration of ground, BS, delivery, and thing to broadcast in BS4K broadcasts even delivery and we multiplex the media and utilize and want to sell.
Not 4K only for broadcasting satellite, we will develop business by positioning called 4K in TV TOKYO group from now on.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
BS Japan CEO President Ichiro Ishikawa

TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room, network station charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO managing director programming division, media archive center, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO managing director contents business station, animation station, sports station, Olympics charge Masato Kondo
TV TOKYO Executive Officer Formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Takamichi Suzuki
TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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