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July 13, 2017

Interview regular in small President Son June

TV TOKYO became new system with general meeting of stockholders of June 27 and was replaced to member of regular president interview.
Masato Kondo in charge of the Shigeru Komago of CEO President, managing director contents business station, animation station, sports station, Olympics, Kodo Suzuki of General Manager, Public Relations Division, Akiko Amada of Manager public information attend from this time. Thank you for your cooperation.

<formation connection>
(small President Son)
Cool (from April 3 to July 2) audience rating was finished in April. TV TOKYO thinks whether it is one characteristic slightly in comparison with the last year to have increased while 2.8% (± 0p) and each residence in Tokyo station fall a little all day GH6 .6% (from the year before +0.3p), PT6 .2% (+0.2p). To program "what YOU to do Japan" of GH Zone which it was painful environment that HUT 60% might perform breaking of, but TV TOKYO was able to enter by power in here these days (every Monday 18:55 ...) "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" "There is house, and is (every Saturday 19:54 ...) good?" (every Wednesday 21:00 ...) became able to record very steady number. Above all, new program of April "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" But, we do luck with more than of assumption and steady change of such a main program is a few, but thinks that it followed that we push up number from the last year.

In addition, Kool was able to just let three special programs succeed.

At first it is "TV Tokyo sports festival". We would broadcast "world table tennis" and "French Open Tennis Championships tennis" at the same time and there was achievement of Japanese player, too, and it was said very and brought result. We were able to leave number of the first residence in Tokyo commercial broadcasting third place since 8.6% and opening of an office for GH week of from Monday, May 29 to Sunday, June 4 when we broadcasted on the average. At first this was the first of success TV TOKYO gave all power in all companies and was able to start approach, result.

It is "TV Tokyo music festival" (June 28, wed from 18:25 to 22:48) one more. Using both studios of Tennozu studio and the new head office of Roppongi, we were able to realize 4-hour live broadcasting. This is TV TOKYO that there are very few grace and battle formation of performance that was full of heat of performers, but thinks that it is result that raises all power by the battle formation that there is few led by young person, and wrestled. This was able to kick out number of 8.4%, too. It had been the next day when we took office as president, and I ran around in both studios, too. We realized perseverance of the staff and were very glad as president.

About these 2 programs, we broadcasting station side realized attractive "of" live that could be called the origin of TV some other time, too. The second music festival thinks that there was big result from such a meaning, too.

Furthermore, for the third, we broadcasted "large problem ... of election for member of the Metropolitan assembly live - Japan of Akira Ikegami" (for July 2, sun copy from 19:54 to 22:24 two copies of from 25:00 to 26:00) live. Election for Tokyo member of the Metropolitan assembly was local election, but broadcasted by the cause, live of judgment to have possibilities to affect the government depending on result. As a result, this was able to take very good audience rating, too. Of course place to depend on power of Ikegami is big, but this thinks that result that TV TOKYO raises its all power, and wrestled appeared, too.

As a whole, myself very strongly have feeling called "which wind blows to in" TV TOKYO we were able to start assumption results more than about cool in total existing program and new program, result that is suitable for place where we added pressure each having appeared and three special programs that added pressure in April.

We take office as president, and half moon, president oneself are wanting to be careful not to disturb this wave soon.

Then we explain special program in the future.

We broadcast "boxing double world title match" for from 19:54 to 21:54 on Sunday, July 23. We want to heap up this title match while doing some kind of invention like three special programs nominating result for, and starting new flavor more. Please expect.

Is annual for from 18:30 to 20:54 on Saturday, July 29; "exclusive live broadcast! We send the 40th Sumida River fireworks display by live broadcast. We are to launch 22,000 largest fireworks in the past. This thinks some new device that there is, too. TV TOKYO wants to heap up this wave for image to do some new thing in good meaning steadily.    

<business, business connection>
-1.0%, spot compared with the previous year were -1.3%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, in May, as for the TV TOKYO, thyme became -1.1%. But +1.4%, spot compared with the previous year are to run with +0.7% and cruising speed compared with the previous year with -0.4%, thyme and the total of spot, but, for 17 total, thyme is place that we want to aim at over from this a little more.
In main program mainly on GH, it thinks more new flavor, to add to charm and to make wave with various forms by special program so that it is to main shaft of our present duties.

<animation contents business connection>
On Friday, July 14, Saturday and movie financing are released for 15 days.
"Movie silver soul" is released on Friday on 14th. With work by Manager Yuichi Fukuda, only this becomes exhibition in the luxurious casts who were able to gather well.
"We decided on Pocket Monster you for theater!" on Saturday on 15th, the following day But, it is released. It becomes the 20th work as Pokemon movie, but expects this very much as we hear in satisfaction investigation by preview carrying out in the whole country if 99% are very popular with great admiration, advance sales saying "it was interesting".

Q: The second broadcast of "oso pine" was announced with start in October in the beginning of June. Expectation to the second.
A: (small President Son)
It passed from the first broadcast more than one year, but popularity does not decline at all around the world of the Internet. The second seems to become very popular program more than the first half year in various meanings, and all the staff work hard at production zealously. I am "oso pine" generation not "oso pine" generation. We expect very much so that popularity is got from not only young generation but also "oso pine" generation.

Q: As one of the driving forces that pushed up 0.3 points of GH "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" According to oagerareteitaga, president, what is charm of program?
A: (small President Son)
We think one to be character of Degawa. Only it "is dangerous yo shop by" to say feels like, but there is various "shop by", and Degawa makes new character by yourself; and it of Degawa think that become attractive.
It is movement on electric motorcycle to be big one more. When light cuts, is over; of "trip of country route bus" "chase, and it is said with "small feeling" to feel nervous about similar to prefectural border is not gone" over, or, as a result, create things similar to throb on motorcycle this time. We think that it became these contents that two matched very well.
In addition, people of town receiving show obedient reaction very easily. When we are making pattern of new trip program, we expect and have a feeling that it may become extreme popularity program. As we are convinced when that does not say that amateur like me is too many is way of success, it is silent and only watches.

Q: I would like belief expression.
A: (small President Son)
It is not that thing which moved to the left from the right moves to the right from the left because TV station moves 365 days for 24 hours, and president was replaced. From the times of 髙kyogenkaicho, we came over in tandem, but, by the Middle management plan that we sometimes made, raise signboard called one operation of ground wave, BS, delivery.
From this July, we begin the work in earnest. This thinks with the biggest belief. We are based on thing called president of TV TOKYO Holdings and, as for all three of them, sometimes use ground wave, BS, delivery, method most suitable most each at the same time, and delivery performs earlier, and, also, it is for means that is considerably already influential by sports program, but by one step wants to advance to form called the synthesis media mainly on picture while BS and ground wave link, and we leave form called TV station by method to use tool of these three usable delivery to the full.
Ground wave is terrestrial, and, in BS, BS, delivery think that it is going to become pillar that way of thinking called delivery will become a thing of the past. Without staying only in the world of broadcast; including OTT compete with power with power as giant except broadcast really, and do co-operation, and wrestle positively, and TV TOKYO group wants to be said to be interesting ine "in this" field.
This which makes the equipment better progressively, and wants to be TV station said to be shelf "commencing with" new thing is basic way of thinking from now on.

Q: In partnership with TBS or WOWOW, premium platform Japan (PPJ) started. For the moment positioning of TV TOKYO in PPJ?
A: (small President Son)
PPJ just stood up on July 3 and we cannot still explain too much now for stage squeezing up, but independent platform launches delivery of TV TOKYO although being small in all directions and supplies contents through various contract including foreign capital. However, the world of Internet delivery wrestles in new technique how only by it being extremely early that technique that is newer than the world of broadcast enters, and supplying contents to outside platform, and it is in "left to" you how you tell. When we make TV TOKYO, new contents of BS Japan or show and do not show one in oneself, competitiveness falls.
Quality of contents and an abundance of quantity and genres have the maximum points of platform business. We thought that which pushed forward development with various new businesses that strength was different in each was shortcut while having sense of values that constant degree had the same than we thought only in TV TOKYO group and launched PPJ.
As we began being the most late departure, we cannot readily catch up with when speed of evolution is not fast and cannot overtake.
We gather wisdom of six companies and want to be able to go ahead somehow.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room, network station charge Kazuhiko Hirose
TV TOKYO managing director programming division, media archive center, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
TV TOKYO managing director contents business station, animation station, sports station, Olympics charge Masato Kondo
TV TOKYO Executive Officer formation chief of the bureau Takashi Nagata

TV TOKYO General Manager, Public Relations Division Kodo Suzuki
TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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