Regular president interview

November 29, 2018

Interview regular in President Komago November

November 29, 2018
Interview regular in President Komago November

[formation connection]
GH6 .3% (from the year before -0.4p), PT5 .8% (-0.4p) are 2.6% (-0.2p) and a few at the time of the eighth week end all day in (from October 1 to November 25), but audience rating of October Kool does not become as good as expected. We try from this spring, but think that time suffers before the effect comes out. When it is reaction of audience, it is sincere and takes and thinks whether it is simply that we make an effort with future improvement hard.
It is "drama residence detective of Friday 8:00" (Friday 20:00 ...) that audience gives evaluation to. We can maintain more than 8% until broadcast on 23rd. "Drama Biz" (Monday 22:00 ...) gets response every one run one more. We have Toshiaki Karasawa gives a good performance, and he perform "harassment game" broadcasting brilliantly and get favorable reception. Tetsuro Degawa does guest-shot for "harassment game" of broadcast on December 3. As we say, and good two people crash into face representing TV TOKYO of this year by performance, please expect.

[the year-end and New Year formation]
After broadcasting in concept that we increased, and you saw regular program, the beginning of the year of 2018 got favorable reception. The year-end and New Year program of 2018-2019 years to reach raises charm of regular program more and will think that you can see "lineup that seems to be" TV TOKYO in concept in "TV Tokyo leisurely slowly" from now on. Broadcast for the first time in Golden on the first three days of a new year for New Year holidays; "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa? Special (January 3, 19, thu 17:55 ...) broadcasts with special version for three hours for New Year holidays. "Is it good that there is house? New year special (provisionally) of the Heisei last (January 1, 19, tue, celebration 21:00 ...) is the Golden's first broadcast on the first three days of a new year, too. Year-end annual "song of end-of-year party Japan" (December 31 Sunday and Monday 16:00 ...) thinks that, oh, it is for singing program whether you do to here that surprised big game singer can appear.

[January formation]
Of January cool "saliva bank Hiromi Harashima says thing drama Biz! Bet on this ... woman, and ... (Monday 22:00 ...) is this frame, and the first woman is drama of the leading role. Woman bank clerk of bank is story of main character, and Yoko Maki, actors, please appear on considerable people to the lead, too. In addition, in "drama memory investigation - Shinjuku east police station case file ... of Friday 8:00" (Friday 20:00 ...), please act as the lead to Kinya Kitaoji.

[business connection]
+3.1%, spot compared with the previous year were -6.8%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, in October, thyme was -0.9%. There is while it has a hard fight with audience rating, but, for just around one year, it predicts abnormality of spot, and it works to have raised specific gravity in time. We change in plus compared with the previous year with thyme and the spot total for total (from April to October) in the year.

[animation business connection]
Open "movie Yo-Kai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS" is series the fifth work on December 14. As for 16,830,000 mobilization, box office, it is work which "series can grieve at in very popular movie series exceeding 18,600 million yen most in history" this time for total.

Q: Look back on this year
A: (President Komago) was year of challenge next to challenge. We started "drama Biz" in April and became during period of the 55th anniversary of the opening of an office from October and had you appear on Beat Takeshi by "all TV Tokyo large strategy WEEK to see" (from 12 to 18 on November broadcast) and did new challenge.
We launch "Paravi" by net delivery in April and are doing "good trouble", but hear when members of pay increased rapidly from autumn. It supplies contents including original more positively and hardens the ground step by step.
In October, BS Japan changed company name to BS TV TOKYO. We start 4K broadcast on Saturday, December 1. We harden ground wave and BS and the system that on earth TV TOKYO supports this challenge as operation with every effort of net delivery. We will embark on the first step of challenge continuing all the time from now on.

[President BS TV TOKYO Ishikawa]
BS4K broadcast finally begins at 10:00 a.m. on December 1. We actually expect if you can see as it is very clean picture that we gradually settle if broadcast begins. We change company name of to BS TV TOKYO in this October, and a sense of unity of group is strengthened more and more. We receive support of TV TOKYO group and want to recommend 4K as important business.

[the year-end and New Year formation]
"There is K for one year in 4K power "new discovery 365 days of" TV!" for the year-end and New Year holidays and does by no catch phrase.
In "letter of challenge - human from AI vs. artificial intelligence -" of the beginning of the year (January 1, 19, tue, celebration 21:00 ...), Yoshikazu Ebisu competes with AI for expectation of motorboat race, and Takashi Aragaki of composer competes with AI for composition and expects what kind of program it is in while AI will spread from now on.
The end of the year "golf child samurai, kensan! We broadcast fight 2 ... (provisionally) of ... entertainer, Toru Hotohara (December 29, sat 19:00 ...). Following the end of last year, we broadcast program confronting Hotohara in senior pros this year. "Desperate struggle (provisionally) of Maoko Kotani economy reportage special Toyota 100 years" (December 30, sun 19:00 ...). Automotive industry in the future seems to be forced to different fight including entry from the industry except car so far. We expect as program which Fukahori did we think, and how Toyota of top company goes how in that.

[January formation]
"Let's get married in world heritage!" as BS TV Tokyo 4K broadcast start memory program It is past world heritage because of (January 15, 19, tue from 19:00 to 21:54) and we photograph with super high-definition picture of 4K and send.
At "drama 9 sacred sake clinic on Saturday (start on ..., January 12, 19 at 21:00 on Saturday) is bookstore award by toast", and is dramatization of novel of Minoru Chinen Marehito who shined in the eighth place. Takahiro Miura of young person ability group actor, Yamashita Mizuki of Nogizaka46 appear.
By sports program, we broadcast all 16 games including thing that T league which just began in season in December already broadcasted "table tennis world tour Grand Final" (provisionally).

[receiving a prize connection]
"Kasumi Ishikawa, desperate struggle deep commentary of broadcast with world table tennis north and south combination team" won TV section prize for encouragement for the 56th galaxy prize first half year on "table tennis Japan" broadcasting (Saturday 22:00 ...) May 26. In addition, "shock! In the world, (October 29, 17 broadcast) that changed in this way won scientific broadcast Takayanagi Prize, award for excellence in 2018 in future technology 2030. We want to broadcast program of various genres from now on.

Q: Look back on this year
A: (President Ishikawa) company name becomes BS TV TOKYO in October, and think that a sense of unity was strengthened. We are recognized as the broadcasting satellite station of TV TOKYO group when it became plain. 4K broadcast begins in December. We organize late-night drama and animation in one hour after 24 from April, and effect that made environment having young generation see BS begins to appear. We think that it was various one year when we were able to challenge.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
BS TV TOKYO CEO President, TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director Ichiro Ishikawa

TV TOKYO managing director sports station, Olympics, technical base charge Masato Kondo
TV TOKYO board member programming division, production station, archive center charge Ko Inoue
TV TOKYO Managing Executive Officer rights business general manager Yukio Kawasaki
TV TOKYO Managing Executive Officer formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada
BS TV TOKYO formation chief of the bureau Isamu Saito

TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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