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July 5, 2018

Interview regular in President Komago June

<interview regular in President Komago June>

[formation connection]
As for the cool (from April 2 to July 1) audience rating, GH6.5% (from the year before -0.1p), PT6.1% (-0.1p) were roughly flat all day with 2.8% (± 0p) in April. It is reliable that regular program maintains favorable condition, "haunting! TOWN RANKING MAGAZINE: (Saturday 21:00 ...), "PRINCIPAL'S TRUMP CARD" (Friday 21:54 ...) and "urgent SOS! All the wed great strategy (Sunday 19:54 ...) to skip of pond "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" (Saturday 19:54 ...) continues recording high audience rating. If new program of cool start penetrates in April, we expect if it becomes considerably good.

Program which we want to publicize to all of you in particular is "TV Tokyo music festival" that reached the fifth (June 27 17:55 - 22: at 54.8.8% of ※ 17.18 except stand). It was record-high audience rating with the fifth. Audience rating rises around woman layer and thinks that you might enjoy very much. For after next year, we already directed to have you enjoy more to devise, and to revise.
There is feeling that music disappears from terrestrial TV little by little, but music thinks that it is the present content not old contents. If it is TV TOKYO that do that other stations are not open, we think that it leads to one challenging (program to put the ingenuity, and to send music to).
(Director Inoue)
On seeing Twitter of SNS, you can have a feeling of expectation. We think that we are immediate, and music is essential. We do it although being a pleasure, but turn out good year by year. In title, "festival" is included in music, but, also, for builder, there is consciousness making festival program using music in the production spot with atmosphere to become exalted heart to person having you see.

[business connection]
-3.2%, spot compared with the previous year were -11.2%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, as for the business results of May, as for the TV TOKYO, thyme became -6.2%. We considerably recovered in June and achieved budget in quarter of from April to June. As for the factor that thyme fell in, program sales of country was slightly out of condition. In the spot, high level continues for from June to July.

[July formation]
"Drama Biz" starts "last chance reproduction contractor" (Monday 22:00 ...) as new series on 16th. Theme is story of corporate rehabilitation. Please act as the lead in serial drama of TV TOKYO to Takeshi Egami original, Toru Nakamura for the first time. Please expect sequentially.
As for "the drama of Friday 8:00," "person in charge of Metropolitan Police Department zero - life security section counselor's office - THIRD SEASON even as for what" who had high evaluation by combination of Kotaro Koizumi and Yuki Matsushita (Friday 20:00 ...) starts on 20th. Tsurutaro Kataoka, Yuta Hiraoka, Koji Ishizaka appear on new regular.
By sports, we broadcast "world women's softball" (from 2 to 12 on August) by ground wave. Women's softball played a game at the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 formally again. The site is Chiba. As ability is guaranteed, we want to heap up the mood for the Olympics. TV TOKYO reaches the opening of an office 55th anniversary on April 12, 2019. The first of pre-campaign that lead during period of the 55th anniversary of the opening of an office from October "world women's softball." We would appreciate your enjoying strength of Japan enough. We plan with simultaneous delivery of broadcast, archive delivery.

We introduce three summer theater movie animation connection.
・Friday, July 13 public "story of all the Pocket Monster for theater"
・Friday, July 20 exhibition "movie BLEACH"
・"We have Friday, August 17 exhibition in Gintama 2 rules to burst" (it becomes the second of live-action film version)
Production formation exerted all all its skill to.
On 12th on the day before "story of all the Pocket Monster for theater" exhibition, we broadcast 3-hour special program. We broadcast open o which "we selected as you!" last year and add spring to exhibition from the next day in this.
As for the live-action film version of "Gintama", the first got favorable reception last year. On August 16 on the day before "Gintama 2" exhibition, we plan the first broadcast by ground wave in previous work which was released last year. Please expect.

Q: Expectation to response and July Kool of drama Biz "head-hunter"
A: (President Komago) have impression with drama wrestling very much from the front. As this time did not have custom of authentic drama, we are determined to bring up fixation of frame slowly and carefully and face from beginning. We want to make an effort including advertising to be cool, and to spread among audiences in July.
(Osada formation chief of the bureau) business scene is the stage, but want to emphasize place called human drama. Drama from July becomes serial drama. We want to let newness root as work to feel while devising.

Q: Three months pass from Paravi start; and way of thinking for delivery business
A: (President Komago) is still thinking that judge to be early in three months. It is time to think flexibly you are doing discussion that what would do to TVer from now on not only Paravi, and how you work on net delivery as the commercial broadcasting companies. We want to judge sometime soon while seeing result of Paravi.

Q: Sanma Akashiya "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa?" About appearing on this
A: (President Komago) is hard to be true. We finish collecting and want you to look forward to the broadcast on 14th. All the TV stations are business that cannot live without states. Ring open to becoming station which you can choose as performer, being able to have sympathy toward audience and client. For TV station, these three are keys. We think that good ring should be a chance to open by having you appear on saury. We are glad so as to cry.

[BS Japan]
(President BS Japan Ishikawa)
July 6 from 19:00 for three hours singing program "sing, and want to inherit! We broadcast music festival of the Showa era live. Begin in last year; and the second.
We occupy high rank in TVer, and we attract attention, and, "woman of rumor that drama of Kool broadcasted coolly in April in July," "escape flower" thinks that it was success.
Kool broadcasts serial drama J "wicked meal" from 21:00 on Saturday on 14th in July. Interesting drama with comedy element. Drama J is "good by" at the midnight of 24:00 on Saturday.

It was good game that Harimoto and Ito played an active part in "table tennis Japan opening" of June.
We broadcast "hockey World Cup held in - London on July 21 for women". Cherry tree Japan adds pressure for Tokyo Olympics and relays the qualifiers.
It is new attempt on August 26 and broadcasts "Suzuka ten hours endurance race" only after getting cooperation of Television Osaka.

Q: The author of drama "wicked meal" passed away, but expectation to drama
A: (President Ishikawa) hear that passed away in May. We heard that he/she was pleased with story of dramatization very much. We put the thought and want to make good work.

<< person of interview >>
TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
BS Japan CEO President, TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director Ichiro Ishikawa

TV TOKYO board member management plan station, group strategy room, press bureau, IR charge Yoshihiro Kazo
TV TOKYO board member programming division, production station, archive center charge Ko Inoue
TV TOKYO Managing Executive Officer rights business general manager Yukio Kawasaki
TV TOKYO Managing Executive Officer formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada
TV TOKYO general affairs personnel affairs chief of the bureau Takamichi Suzuki
BS Japan formation chief of the bureau Isamu Saito   

TV TOKYO Executive Officer General Manager, Public Relations Division Naoki Yorozu
TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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