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October 25, 2018

Interview regular in President Komago October

We change company name of to BS TV TOKYO from BS Japan on October 1, and 4K broadcast finally begins on December 1. President Ishikawa talks about approach and enthusiasm of 4K of BS TV Tokyo earlier this time.

[President BS TV TOKYO Ishikawa / formation connection]
It is another 36 days today until December 1 when 4K broadcast begins on October 25. It becomes 4K broadcast launch from 10:00 a.m. on December 1, and dead work enters the final stage.

On December 1, 2nd, we are thinking about broadcast of pure 4K program more than ten hours a day.
1st is 10:00 - special program. 10:30 ... "waka* - Paris admiration "do**e" which we have not seen high-definition extra-fine beautiful ~." Exhibition was held in France Paris about do**e of Jakuchu Ito. We edit this special program again this time in 4K and broadcast. Jakuchu Ito is doing novel coloration not to think of to be picture of the Edo era. Composition of picture is the highlight, too. 17:00 ~ "visiting superb views going in luxury train consummate performance...It is for director's cut, and, on the finest trip, 4K broadcasts ... "dream extra edition of Nikkei drama special amber" at 19:00. In the middle of the night, we are going to broadcast drama "season in front of Edo" (Saturday 24:00 ...) in 4K at the midnight.
On 2nd, we produce "the 51st Japan versification grand prix" (18:30 ...) in "good trip, dream feeling 4K special" (provisionally) (18:00 ...) in 4K on the evening of 8th. We organize a lot of 4K production programs and want to appeal to all of you for charm of 4K.

Q: About 4K contents that we want to lay emphasis on.
A: 4K broadcasts news program "Nikkei +10" (weekdays 22:00 ...) live from December. "Early rising Nikkei +FT" (weekdays 05:25 ...), "Nikkei Morning plus" (weekdays 07:05 ...), "question of Nikkei +10 Saturday news" (Saturday 09:00 ...) are plans of 4K live broadcasting from January, too.
Furthermore, we want to lay emphasis on drama as we produce drama in 4K for several years.
It is trip program one more. In 4K, scenery, food come out very vividly. We want to get along while thinking including sports broadcast that can show good 4K to the full.

President Komago:
In TV TOKYO group, 4K supports ground wave totally and serves 4K program of BS TV Tokyo and is going to put up. Both ground wave and BS support 4K program of this BS TV Tokyo in solidarity.

[formation connection]
GH6.4% (from the year before -0.2p), PT6.0% (-0.2p) are lower than 2.6% (-0.2p) and a few expectation all day, but will expect audience rating at the time of the cool third week end very much in future in (from 1 to 21 on October) in October that they gradually go up for end of the fiscal year at the end of the year. We push forward active posture without changing for the time being.
TV TOKYO broadcasts many dramas this year. It was cool and "drama residence detective of Friday 8:00" (Friday 20:00 ...) said very much and was able to acquire two columns of audience ratings by turnout in October. When Susumu Terajima starring wants to make the best serial drama in Japan, he/she is enthusiastic. We are combined with scenery of Okutama and think whether it is thing to match to audiences of TV TOKYO including setting to be interesting if there is such a person.
The other is drama Biz3 series eyes, "harassment game" of the Toshiaki Karasawa lead (Monday 22:00 ...). We think that there is familiar real kicks feeling to be interesting if there is such a person though, in fact, there is not this duty like "residence detective". We hope that we have you collect by support of audiences or sympathy heartily. Of responsive October Kool that such a clue was made began.

One more "the TV TOKYO 55th anniversary! As all TV Tokyo large strategy WEEK to see, we plan large-scale special program day after day for one week from Monday, November 12. One eyeball was appeared on Beat Takeshi in morning on weekdays in last October;, "good morning, I'm sorry." We broadcast this and got reaction, but "are Takeshi suddenly." this time We plan that we do this and broadcast for one week.
Monday, November 12 to "to do what Japan in YOU? Participation in a war serious in this Nogizaka46! Though is idol, is super seriousness collaboration; three hours SP of sweat and tears (18:58 ...). Nogizaka46 participates in the war, and what kind of; is looking forward to very whether become "... that what would like for YOU".
13th Tuesday "was true for AMAZING∞WORLD 2,018 years! World shock case three hours SP (18:58 ...).
14th Wednesday "do do THE karaoke ★ battle it? Can that great hit, person make several points; SP (18:58 ...)? We can go ahead by plan that singer sings your song in with karaoke.
15th Thursday "100 presidents of Akira Ikegami VS Japan size concentration SP! (provisionally) (18:58 ...).
16th Friday "PRINCIPAL'S TRUMP CARD Three hours SP which remained naturally, and has built one house (18:58 ...). We build one house at last.
17th Saturday "may charge of Tetsuro Degawa? The world!" Degawa is electric motorcycle, and (18:33 ...) goes out abroad for the first time. Because two Italy is developed countries, it may be interesting.
Most whole day 18th Sunday "urgent SOS! Foreign countries location first in all the wed large strategy three and a half hours SP (18:33 ...) to pull of pond. It is all the wed batsu kuoyatteshimaimasu of pond in Philippines Manila.
We prepare such a menu and are idea to say to have everybody enjoy one week of the 55th anniversary of the opening of an office.

[business connection]
+2.2%, spot compared with the previous year were -3.7%, thyme and the totals of spot, and, in September, thyme was ±0%. Spot still has a hard fight with each Tokyo key station station, but changes in place of plus or minus 0 compared with the previous year when we supplement TV TOKYO with thyme and add up. It is a few, but even the whole first half year changes in plus compared with the previous year.

[table tennis connection]
Retirement was expressed Ai Fukuhara. We act as director in table tennis T league which began on October 24 and make a start that it is already new as anchor special in "the table tennis T league opening game" of broadcast in BS TV Tokyo, TV TOKYO. Fukuhara does not have words of thanks, too. We bring back table tennis to here and think that central figure whom we grasp sweat in hand, and everybody came to look at is Ai Fukuhara. We include table tennis together and put up TV TOKYO, and Fukuhara contributes to the fact that there was in sports program which you can enjoy to everybody. We want to support achievement in the world of table tennis player sequentially in future let alone table tennis T league at the same time to wish achievement of Fukuhara. This force enlivens the Tokyo Olympics; think that help.

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TV TOKYO CEO President Shigeru Komago
BS TV TOKYO CEO President, TV TOKYO Senior Managing Director Ichiro Ishikawa

TV TOKYO managing director sports station, Olympics, technical base charge Masato Kondo
TV TOKYO board member programming division, production station, archive center charge Ko Inoue
TV TOKYO Managing Executive Officer formation chief of the bureau Takashi Osada
BS TV TOKYO formation chief of the bureau Isamu Saito

TV TOKYO public information manager Akiko Amada

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