When this website is used, besides I would like the use on having had you understand the following enough.

This website was aimed for reporting about us and was not aimed for investment invitation. Decision about investment hopes that it is performed in judgment of user you.

Thing which is not historic facts such as our plan, prospect, strategy, conviction is expected number about future achievements and is based on judgment of manager of us obtained from available information in information listed in this website in the present. Real achievements, please understand what can turn out greatly different from expected numbers to take by various important elements.

When all of information that we disclose according to timely disclosure rule in this website is not published, we may be doing expression different from information disclosed by other methods again.

Contents of this website may cancel change, publication without notice.

We do not do any guarantee about information of other websites where link is set from this website.

You go down about publication contents of this website with extreme caution, but you relate to obstacles that you occurred by error of placed information or downloading of data, and please note that we are not things taking responsibility at all.

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