The number of TXN households

(unit: in all generations Zone)
The area
The number of TXN seeing and hearing households
2058.5 278 466.5 772.6 129.5 331.5 4036.6

*Using coverage number for commercial broadcasting TV station area investigation (association of Japanese advertisers) 2008 to base with the number of the households of Basic Resident Register (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications making, January 1, 2018), it is calculation with the number of area households of each station. In addition, coverage of TVh is the company investigation.

Number of TXN households graph

Six stations where network "TXN" of TV TOKYO put Television Hokkaido Broadcasting, Television Aichi, Television Osaka, TV setouchi, TVQ Kyushu programs together. Because broadcast area covers all base big cities, it is effective urban network covering all 69.6% of Japan. In addition to efficient medium properties, interlocking movement with pinpoint marketing and event by various programming that we narrowed down target to, multilayer-like sales promotion by media mix are possible.
(in HP of system, affiliates)

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