Message from the President

CEO President Shigeru Komago
TV TOKYO group which assumed TV TOKYO and BS Japan the core thought that it was essence of program production to continue challenging in pursuit of new possibility and it was sincere and had evaluation called "quality of TV TOKYO" for the making of contents with originality by wrestling. There is broadcast business in change, but when this basic posture is key point for growth, we believe, and it will be group employee bullet.
By "management plan in the middle of 2017," to continue being production, sender of contents that TV TOKYO group takes the next generation on, "terrestrial broadcasting, broadcasting satellite, integral operation of Internet delivery" of strategy focused. Of course the biggest problem is ground wave and improvement of broadcast called BS wave, but, in addition, we do picture delivery business by the Internet that has begun to spread rapidly with power and are approach to aim at maximization of contents value. We become able to watch picture program in every apparatus and environment, and many companies enter Internet delivery from anyone other than the broadcast world, and competition between new businesses becomes intense. We want to get over angry waves by assuming such a new wave my thing positively.
We introduce new technologies such as "4K" positively and will provide time when it is rich in audiences as the imminent media which "we can enjoy anywhere anytime". TV TOKYO group completed move to the Roppongi new head office in November, 2016 and was able to prepare base which could make full use of such a state-of-the-art. As we will meet trust of audiences and expectation, we hope that we have understanding and support to follow, and not to change.
CEO President Shigeru Komago

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