Board of Directors

CEO President Yuichi Takahashi
Executive vice-president [BS JAPAN Corporation chairperson of the board]
[Nikkei Inc. board member]
Shigeru Komago
Senior Managing Director Production station charge Shohei Izawa
Senior Managing Director The business station, media archive center, network station charge, business development unification Akihiko Tamura
Managing director Press bureau, group strategy room, media strategy room charge Kazuhiko Hirose
Managing director Financial Bureau charge Yuji Kamiya
Board member The Technology Administration, information system station charge Hiroyuki Matsushita
Board member The contents business station, the animation station, sports station charge Tetsuo Ota
Board member Programming division, press bureau charge Yasutaka Takeda
Board member General affairs Personnel Affairs Bureau charge, labor charge, duties improvement charge Yasushi Endo
Board member (part-time service) [BS JAPAN Corporation CEO President] Ichiro Ishikawa
Corporate Auditor Masakazu Ishikawa
Corporate Auditor(outside auditor) [QUICK Special Adviser] Shinichi Kamata
Managing Executive Officer Extraordinary matter charge Jun Okayama
Managing Executive Officer Extraordinary matter charge Kiyoshi Tokuda
Executive Officer Technical chief of the bureau Fiji Shunsuke
Executive Officer [TV TOKYO Production, Inc. CEO President] Nobuhiko Oshima
Executive Officer General affairs personnel affairs chief of the bureau Satoshi Kusano
Executive Officer Network chief of the bureau Kitsunezaki Hiroko
Executive Officer Business development charge, business station charge assistance Noriyuki Sasaki
Executive Officer Production chief of the bureau Yasushi Inoue
Executive Officer Press bureau unification producer and commentary committee Hiroaki Fukuda

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