Corporate History

1964 April As Japanese technology promotion foundation TV station (popular name Tokyo 12 channel), we open as station specialized in education in Shibakouen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 18th place (call sign JOTX-TV, channel 12, picture output 50kw, audio line out 12.5kw)
1968 July We establish Tokyo 12 channel production for the purpose of production and sale of broadcast of Japan technology promotion foundation TV station in Shibakouen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 18th place (capital 1 billion yen)
1969 August We establish Tokyo 12 music publication (existing TV TOKYO music: consolidated subsidiary)
November Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. takes part in capital investment
1973 October It is acquisition by purchase in business TV in Tokyo 12 channel from business name change, Japan technology promotion foundation
November It shifts to general general station
1978 April We establish Tokyo 12 program sale (existing TV TOKYO media net: consolidated subsidiary)
September We establish Tokyo CM center (existing TV TOKYO commercial: consolidated subsidiary)
December Sound multiplex broadcast start
1981 October We change business name of to TV TOKYO
1985 December Company building move, main store location change (4-3-12, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
1988 March We establish TV TOKYO program production (existing TV TOKYO production: consolidated subsidiary)
1991 April TXN6 station network completion which assumes TV TOKYO key station by opening of an office of TXN Kyushu (existing TVQ Kyushu broadcast), and covers major cities of the whole country
1994 November Hi-vision practical use examination broadcast launch
December We establish puronto (existing TV TOKYO direct: consolidated subsidiary)
1995 August Wide clear vision broadcast launch
October Data multiplex broadcasting start (inter-text: IT vision)
1997 December Channel ("animation theater X") broadcast launch specialized in CS pay animation
1998 April It merges act with tower TV and changes business name to techno max (consolidated subsidiary)
December We invest on B S Japan (existing BS Japan) establishment (December, 2000 broadcast launch)
1999 December Tennozu studio completion (1-3-3, Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
2000 June We establish A tea X (consolidated subsidiary) and transfer "animation theater X" business to the company
2001 January We establish intarakutivi (affiliates)
March We establish TV TOKYO Communications (affiliates)
2003 June English company name is changed to "TV TOKYO Corporation" by "Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."
December Terrestrial digital broadcast launch (call sign JOTX-DTV, digital 7 channel)
December The data multiplex broadcasting end
2004 August It goes public in the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
2005 July It merges TV Tokyo Bijutsu center and TV TOKYO lighting and changes business name to TV TOKYO art (consolidated subsidiary)
December TV TOKYO Communications (affiliates) goes public to Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
2006 April One segment broadcast launch
2007 May We establish TV TOKYO Golf Digest Online LLC combination company by Golf Digest Online and co-funding (consolidated subsidiary)
2008 July Terrestrial digital 7ch promotion campaign start
2009 March We connect FM interchange wave and subsidize
April We establish change field (equity-method affiliate)
June We introduce Executive Officer system
July We make FM interchange wave our subsidiary
November We dissolve TV TOKYO Golf Digest Online LLC combination company
2010 September We abolish First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market listing

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