We profit and play! Shopping heaven

Tuesday, June 28 7:00 p.m. broadcast!

  • List of shops which program introduced
  • Product which program introduced is this

Shopping game while we interlace quiz in popular large store!
Unique products are new sense shopping variety programs which one action introduces various genres to recent marketable goods information!

Takahiro Azuma (Take2), TKO, impulse, Chris Matsumura, Daisuke Motoki, Eiko Kano, Mrs. Debbie, Akira Hokuto, Miyuki Imori, Chiemi Hori, Mari Yaguchi, Sayumi Michishige, Kazuya Masuda (TV TOKYO announcer)

Super Viva Home Misato shop

Performer: Takahiro Azuma (Take2), Miyuki Imori, TKO, Chris Matsumura

  • What is surprising prize which we found in shop proud of site for three Tokyo Dome, 250,000 items?
  • It is recommended this summer! We introduce popular power saving goods of this

YAMADA DENKI LABI1 Japan home office Ikebukuro

Performer: Takahiro Azuma (Take2), TKO, Mrs. Debbie, Chiemi Hori

  • We press the much-talked-about latest household appliances, the popular secret!
  • What is the way of right shopping in household appliances shop?

100-yen shop Daiso giga Funabashi shop

Performer: Akira Hokuto, Mari Yaguchi, Daisuke Motoki, Eiko Kano

  • 100 yen convenience goods which are popular among housewives! On earth what will you use this for? We introduce mainly on eye-opening kitchen goods!

Aqua food court aqua city Odaiba

Performer: Impulse, Mrs. Debbie, Sayumi Michishige

  • As "the store opposition sales Derby," we expect sales (or several meals sold) NO.1 of branch of the day!

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