Monster man of dishes

It is decided regular! We broadcast at 9:00 p.m. every Wednesday from October 20! It is MC Hiroshi Nagano (V6), Masami Hisamoto (as for the first time, special two hours)

Well-known store which there is in the world much like killer star, first rank shop. A certain person is praised with "strong man", and a certain person is sung with "expert". However, there are cooks emitting doubtful brightness different from both strong man and expert in dishes world. One article to be completed only after dishes which they cook increasing their unique character there. Matchlessness strong as for idea that we are particular about cooking, but reason is novel and the individuality. Program calls such them "monster man of dishes" with respect. Monster man in monster man on behalf of Japanese dishes world goes by this program in cathedral and decides "monster man of KING of dishes" whom it prospers, and there is.

First broadcast Sunday, April 18, 2010 from 7:54 p.m. to 9:48 [MC] Hiroshi Nagano (V6), Masami Hisamoto [guest] Nobuhiko Takada, Mika Kano, Shigeaki Kato (NEWS), misono, Kunikazu Katsumata [assistant] *kokuseika (TV TOKYO announcer) [narrator] Masato Oba

"Transgression monk of peninsula" kuroba bower Yoshio Yamada (62)
In misono which we talk big, and tuna loves saying "tuna does not rest in peace only as for red meat and the fatty tuna" as for the storekeeper, I am amazed to learn
Cook who is particular about tuna so as to provide dishes of approximately 200 kinds. Labelling prays for entering Nirvana of tuna,
Going until tuna prayer. If Kato whom we tried in studio "has you make only this delicious long-standing object as for the tuna"
We praise dato highly.
"Ramen sniper S" ramen maple God Satoshi Sekine (36)
So that when pork bones ramen is this popular shop, and substitute of noodles was ordered, soup does not cool down,
And we donated substitute by surprising method when soup did not become dilute. As for the storekeeper, it is the best with noodles arriving from Kyushu
It is said that we hit on this method to provide in state. For the substitute offer method to be able to be called the skill of this storekeeper
"You are cool" and reputation cut out which "motor nerves are good" from all around.
"Yeast King of opera house" risudooru Mitsu Mitsuo Hirose (59)
It needs reservations and sells bread which costs one 5,000 yen here. Naturally is particular about ingredients thoroughly, but yeast
It is said that storekeeper performs device to let you ferment of training for 12 years to save. We are said "to be out of order to bread"
With the surprising technique that bread craftsman performs, we sing song towards storekeeper oneself bread how!
We try the high quality bread to have been to buy Hisamoto expressly in studio.
"Deep red noodles emperor" Fujimaki hard castle Masakazu Fujimaki (42)
Membership system, ramen shop which provides ramen of 10,000 yen only with noodles and soup more. However, storekeeper "being particular
Naturally as for the speech disliking with "feelings" most is, not ramen shop, provide ramen more
We insist that it is restaurant. Because of restaurant, there is not thing that there is to dress code and enters with shorts, sandals.
Thanks to Nagano to be member of this shop, sampling is what possible in studio.
With impression that tasted ramen soup of 10,000 yen.
"Indomitable spice man" BigSur kichidenshobu (57)
Storekeeper who reached home plate though dropped by car from point of 250m of Big Sur of San Francisco "when do die?
We do not know. We founded curry shop saying let's do favorite thing. Curry which compounding of spice took 3 years, and was completed.
A milligram unit mixing spice by delicate work is totally pharmacist; is. To this curry
As for thinking to "want you to get well" to all the visitors who came like thought only by storekeeper who experienced crisis of life and death
It is put.
"Gluten mom of passion" fukutakejoshoeihonshoko (65)
Okonomiyaki which this proprietress tried out national okonomiyaki for two years and created. To mixing, how to grill, how to cut
It is to intervene in noisily each time that there should be the best state, but does in proprietress reason, "extremity of kindness"
We say this. When Nagano was visited, it is said that we have got yelled at by this proprietress.
"Ramen Industrial Revolution" Uchida justice flat (61)
Storekeeper that we developed ramen robot to make ramen for. Perform order with PC, taste, deepness of soup, hardness of noodles
We can order in detail. Robot recognizes difference in careful order and cooks. The number of repertories
200 million ways! However, noodles and topping went by manual operation for some reason. With the reason.
"Iron plate leader of the valets of downtown area" thing is the Okiya master
Nagano who TV coverage is shop of refusal as for the few thing as for both noren and the signboard in the roast shop, but acts as MC at this time concerning regular customer,
He/she accepted coverage. In this shop, it is said that reservation is full to point for one and a half months. Maine of popular course "air of meat
Steak of 800 grams called on the rocks. But most moving passage roumononara, storekeeper fly in meat which we have begun to grill without permission
We receive ticking off. It is said that how to grill meat includes feelings. Menu that thing including menchi katsu does not seem to be roast shop
We appear in sequence. We try this specialty steak in studio.
"Last vinegared sushi rice hermit" vinegared sushi rice shop nondrinker husband person Hajime Murashima (79)
Rice is restaurant of the leading role. Rice which 79-year-old storekeeper still cooks regularly is fluffy and seems to be very delicious. Feelings to rice
We close shop from this for from June to August that are not good of state. It is vinegared sushi rice ray 50 years by how to cook original U.S. grind and rice!
It is said that we want to take friend Mai Satoda of rice enthusiast to misono, but shocking fact is told by storekeeper.