We want to meet mother!
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We want to meet mother! Special broadcast!

We want to meet mother!


Monday, June 25, 2018 from 9:00 p.m. to 10:48


Ikue Sakakibara, Natsumi Ogawa, Hiromi, Yuko Ogura


Tomio Umezawa

Program summary

Parents get a divorce at the age of 3 years old.
Thereafter, from 22 years, mother only on every year birthday telephone…

You call, and why do you not hide? Why will you meet?
It is looked for mother with the help of phone number in Hong Kong to check the real intention of mother.
However, there is not mother in Hong Kong…Can you meet as expected?

Single mother of one child separated from mother soon after birth

She who could leave at facility soon after birth, and was left as adopted child afterwards by adoptive parent.
Adoptive parent loved as own child and brought up carefully every day.
However, daughter that feeling that "wanted to meet biological parent" taking the opportunity of oneself having become mother arose.
Then we look for mother of bearing a child with the help of maternity record book. And own child who loves to the cause of mother of bearing a child. Double suicide of mother of bringing up…

We want to meet mother of Univ. of Tokyo student!

The University of Tokyo where Japanese geniuses gather. In front of the Red Gate of sun of passing announcement, the reporters are full to pick up voice of joy.
What kind of person is mother who let child pass the Univ. of Tokyo? It is custom in interview for half a year in front of the Red Gate.
Can you meet what kind of mother as expected?

We want to meet mother! We want to meet mother!

We want to meet mother! We want to meet mother!

We want to meet mother! We want to meet mother!

We want to meet mother! We want to meet mother!

We want to meet mother!

Program summary

Call out to person going to town; proud mother
Document variety to have you introduce!

Person who wants to meet mother
Person who meets, and wants to convey something
Person that mother seems to be interesting
We find nadoo and go to actually meet mother!

We want to meet mother!



Taka and Toshi


*kokuseika (TV TOKYO announcer)


We spotlight existence of the one and only that there is to all human beings called "mother" and research in mother of worried person going to town.
Document variety to go to find "person who wants to meet mother" "person who meets mother, and wants to convey something" "people that mother seems to be interesting", and to actually meet mother.
Through "bond of the mother and the child to be born from thought from child to mother and thought from mother to child," we draw the way of heartwarming contact and Japanese family.