We want to meet mother!
Saturday 10:30 a.m.

Program summary

Call out to person going to town; proud mother
Document variety to have you introduce!

Person who wants to meet mother
Person who meets, and wants to convey something
Person that mother seems to be interesting
We find nadoo and go to actually meet mother!

We want to meet mother!

It recruits "popular mother" very much!

At downtown, home, the workplace, school,
Is there your mother interesting close?

Even own mother is good!
Even mother of relative is good!
Even mother of friend is good!

We look forward to popular mother information from all of you!

Possibly do you go to meet?



Taka and Toshi


*kokuseika (TV TOKYO announcer)


We spotlight existence of the one and only that there is to all human beings called "mother" and research in mother of worried person going to town.
Document variety to go to find "person who wants to meet mother" "person who meets mother, and wants to convey something" "people that mother seems to be interesting", and to actually meet mother.
Through "bond of the mother and the child to be born from thought from child to mother and thought from mother to child," we draw the way of heartwarming contact and Japanese family.