Can you survive then? Foreteller juserino five new warning emergency public special strongest in history

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Host     Ryuta Mine Assistant Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO) guest     Shunji Fujimura Aki Hoshino Teruyuki Tsuchida

Program summary

juserino noburega Duluth
Since Brazilian, 9-year-old time, we summarize the content in letter to see many foresight dreams and continue giving people warning.
From high hitting ratio of the foresight dream, as for the person, "miraculous foreteller" called him "foreteller strongest in history" gradually.

In "foreteller juserino strongest in history" which we broadcasted in TV TOKYO this year on February 12
Experts inspect possibility of prediction by foresight dream that he had.
It is the subsequent second this time.
It is coherence for Mr. juserino which program introduces result of prediction that we announced, and visited Japan frequently last time in after this spring.
Therefore camera will witness prediction and fact of shock.
Furthermore, in studio, we announce about new prediction.

The first prediction Brazil family massacre case
Damage of 5,000 increase dead people is ... cholera in the Japanese sea near the shore by second prediction 2011
Three major earthquakes are generated in Asia by third prediction 2009 through 2011
Food shortage comes throughout the world by fourth prediction 2011. Many Japanese die
Water war breaks out from the fifth prediction 2011! Japan is rolled up, too

7:00 to stop by on Thursday, October 9