Five warning to change the strongest foreteller juserino future in history
Five warning to change the strongest foreteller juserino future in history TV-TOKYO DIGITAL ch7 ANALOG ch1
[performer] juserino noburega Duluth
Host Hideki Takahashi, Mariko Oe
Guest Shoko Aida, Takatoshi Kaneko, Takahiro Azuma, Jun Natsukawa panelist Makoto Watanabe (disaster prevention, crisis control journalist), Yoshitaka Fukuoka (Rissho University's professor), Harue Okada (the National Institute of Infectious Diseases), Masao Hattori (University of Toyama's professor) others
◆Highlight ◆
			Brazilian foreteller, juserino proud of wonderful hitting ratio to. Global natural disaster and great event are foreseen by foresight dream. With the prediction contents as letter, we leave forwarding evidence in individual or public institution.
Who is juserino as expected?…
With method of the prediction…
What kind of prediction proved right in the past?…
In near future, what kind of thing is foretold?…
Reliability than anything…We hear possibility that prediction can become reality in the truth of foreteller whom the world pays attention to again to expert of related various fields and inspect warning of five of juserino from various angles now.
[past hit prediction]
"Space shuttle challenger crash" "sarin subway attacks in Tokyo" "death by accident of F1 racer Senna" "Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake" "9.11 terrorism" "death by accident of Princess Diana" "Sumatra offing earthquakes"

[profile of juserino noburega Duluth]
We have foresight dream since 9 years old. We come to tell people about the content in letter.
In late years foresights of global natural disaster and great event increase and appear in media. March, 1960 Brazil birth. Family of 6 which brings up four children while working as school teacher. We guess death of 9.11 terrorism Princess Diana, major earthquake, massive tsunami of Indonesia right for foresight.
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