It is gradually Chaplin
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Program summary

"On the sly Chaplin"
Power up!
Teruyoshi Uchimura at last in regular MC!
Young entertainers who "gradually" come of future star candidate develop material race of roar of laughter!
We find shining new star and promote even variety plan as well as the material!
It…It is "jiwa chapu" which we powered up.
Broadcasted from last October; "Chaplin powers up title implication on the sly" from April!
Young person entertainers who are "gradually" of future star candidate gather when we want Uchimura to see story.
Aiming at three weeks tie, we develop material race of roar of laughter.
The Japan's severest audience is increased from conventional 30 people by 50 people. We attain a full victory for one week if we think that the more than 30 audiences are interesting. Entertainer who attained a full victory wonderfully for three weeks can get the participation right of champion meeting
In addition, was popular in "Chaplin on the sly"; "blow, and fall silent", and no corner system continues, too. Entertainer who does not show the material sends the charm with a lot of "laughter".


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News from program

Sunday, April 9 start!
Every Sunday 10:00 p.m.

"nichiyo Chaplin"

By the way, "it is worthless"…By the way, "it does not matter"…By the way, "we had authority really"! The best comedy synthesis variety that was specialized in laughter including location plan of popular entertainer from material plan led by young person in Japan

In addition, we power up material battle by young entertainers and continue without changing from the late-night times.

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