Miracle SP2 of the 7 great mystery human body of the world

From 7:00 to 10:48 to stop by on Friday, October 1

"Eternal youth" "immortality" "non-meal"…. Miracle of the human body that it is unbelievable suddenly, but all these do not have fabrication.
This program adheres to mystery of the human body reported from all over the world, and report, scientific; thoroughly elucidate, and inspect presence of trick medically.
Can not believe…! But we exist. The second on the heels of "miracle of the human body" of shock!


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Sei Ashina
Hiroshi Aramata
Keisuke Okada (MASUDAOKADA)
Tashiro sheath (India)
Double-booking (U.K. Romania)
"Non-meal" (India)
For 70 years, man whom moisture much less food does not consume exists. It is said that the man is saint who was full of ascetic practices of yoga. The Indian Department of Defense is ... with fact of shock that they inspect and confirmed?
"fugen" (Romania)
Macho boy who made 6 years old, and abdominal muscle was broken to eight, and handled 20 times of handstand push-ups, and appeared in Guinness Book of World Records. We press muscle which developed, the mechanism so as to be abnormal.
"Immortality" (the Netherlands)
Immortal man who does not die unless "we expect death by oneself" so that salmon roe sword goes through body, mirin dayo. We obtain more radical unscreened picture of man who called for shock by broadcast last time at last!
"fuki" (the U.K.)
It is said that "Sleeping Beauty" "beautiful girl of forest which can be unexploited" not to become exists in port town in southern U.K. We adhere to daily life of girl not to get up more than ten days if we fall asleep and inspect once!
"Non-illness" (Ecuador)
... that there are people of non-illness in town nestling in valley of the Andes. Surprisingly it is said that it is adult, and there are 100 people of pattern an average of 125 centimeters tall. Besides, they were the whole families of "non-illness" that "cancer" did not have! We elucidate the secret
"Non-Germany" (India)
It is said that there is village where twins are more than 300 sets how. Besides, twins 30 years or younger occupy 200 sets or more. In other words, twin numbers increase year by year! We press mystery covered by human birth!

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