TV TOKYO 2020 grad hiring idea does not stop.

Post of 2020 grad hiring announcement entry is this!





We are in charge of information variety, drama, plan, direction, production of pro-entertainment program including music.
We pursue "thing which other stations do not have" every day and produce program full of originality to attract heart of person said "to seem to be TV TOKYO!".
Floors of production are always filled with heat and will for "program", and they overflow.

The news

We are in charge of economy, politics, society, coverage and news production in each field, plan, production of news program.
We regard seasonal news as footwork with mobility and solve the backside of news with certain analysis power.
It is natural to serve as reporter and director in TV TOKYO!
We make use of force that we can have to the maximum and struggle every day.


Coverage, broadcast and sportscasting of sports that are baseball, soccer another directions, plan, production of sports special program including the Olympics and world meeting is in charge of again.
We keep the making of program which is emoshonaru conveying impression of the sports spot in mind.
It works to convey charm, force, the powerful charm of sports.


Headquarters of TV station. The part of steering to lead program to success.
In time, we analyze programs on a different channel generally and, on the target layer, day, work out program plan strategically and design timetable of all broadcast. When performance of program engaged with aim of formation, hit program is born.
We have section analyzing and a production section of movie program of audience, audience rating in programming division.


We bind program and company, company and society (audience) together and are work changing influence of TV into business.
To needs of advertiser, we sell CM frame drawing advertisement effect to the maximum.
Furthermore, we challenge development of new advertisement model who does not remain in TV CM.
In addition, as for the produce duties of event business of the business station come to work.


Up to business development such as program sale, commodification from plan, production of animated show, movie to home and abroad, we undertake duties about animation single-handed. We plan maximization of profit of program while cooperating with the companies of business partner. In addition, we plan animation in cooperation with overseas production company and produce and challenge construction of new business model in order to expand market.

Contents business

We take role widening TV show more regardless of home and abroad while making use of the Internet, characteristic of each media including mobile. We become book, DVD of video, music delivery and program and develop business utilized program including e-commerce and develop new service that utilized interactive model data broadcasting or one segment and always explore possibility of "TV" and are section doing in form.


We are in charge of all the techniques of "TV" sending program including production technology and broadcast technology in charge of camera, VE (video engineer), mixer, lightener concerned with program production in charge of sending out of broadcast material, transmission to affiliated station, service management of broadcast to audience.
In addition, technology development does not have other idea in order to correspond to TV in the future either.


Host, progress, the narration of broadcast and event and report.
We sometimes show character, and announcer sometimes attaches Aya to program casually.
It is work of announcer that fulfil "" role to convey in various situation.
As for the side that it is like physical strength game unexpectedly?



Idea does not stop.

In late years change around the media has busy thing, but, as for changing, there are still none in "power to tell" of picture contents being very big in old days.
We like TV and feel charm to picture, and "work to move heart of people" wants to do! We wait for person with passion called this. In addition, we want to bring about new thing which one, the world sympathizing with DNA of TV TOKYO valuing "original idea" do not have! Idea does not stop! !We think that it becomes environment that is splendid in such one. They have the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and TV station must be excited in future. Let's go to get chance together while enjoying change!

We enroll in MY CHANNEL

"MY CHANNEL" is membership system page where news about information and selection about adoption of TV TOKYO is published in.
All the receptionists of the details about selection effective time and adoption entry perform in "MY CHANNEL".
At first you register, and please acquire ID and password.

MY CHANNEL registration

Privacy Policy

We do not use registered personal information and application paper which you sent to in purpose except TV TOKYO Corporation employment examination in 2020. We manage all severely and keep and, after employment examination, dispose under our responsibility.


One where more than four-year university were laid by graduation or expectation that was a graduate after April 2, 1993 by March, 2020.

*You confirm duties contents of each type of job, and please apply.

*3 type of job applying to more than one school is possible.

Announcement job

Host, progress, report of program, event


In the case of entry, person wanting to be generalist, please choose section desired from four.

News section
Plan, production, foreign correspondents such as reporter, news program, documentary program
Sports section
Plan, production such as reporter, news program, documentary program
Production section
Plan, direction, production of entertainment system program such as information variety, drama, music
Broadcast business section
Business, business: Sale of thyme spot commercial, public relations with advertiser, advertising agency, plan planning, conduct of program, event
Contents business: The second use of program including DVD and delivery and business development, data broadcasting using net mobile, plan, production of movie
Formation: Formation of program, plan, development of program, formation of program budget, analysis, investigation into audience rating
Animation: Business development such as plan, production of animation, the second use
Others: Sections except the above such as public information, general affairs, personnel affairs, the accounting

Information, tech job

Information, technique
Program production in studio such as camera, sound
Plan, construction, operation of information system
Internet mobile data broadcasting applies development of the IT media

Company Overview

Company name
TV TOKYO Corporation
English company name
TV TOKYO Corporation
April 12, 1964 (opening of an office)
CEO President Shigeru Komago
8,910,950,000 yen
The number of employees
744 [as of April 1, 2018]
Sales amount
114,593 million yen [March, 2018 period]
  • Head office / Tokyo
  • Branch office / Kansai, Nagoya
  • Overseas branch office / New York Washington London, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul Moscow
TV TOKYO group
  • TV TOKYO Holdings
  • TV TOKYO communications
  • TV TOKYO music
  • TV TOKYO media net
  • TV TOKYO commercial
  • TV TOKYO art
  • TV TOKYO system
  • TV TOKYO production
  • TV TOKYO direct
  • TV TOKYO human
  • Techno max
  • TV TOKYO business service
  • A tea X (AT-X)
  • Nikkei Visual Images
  • intarakutivi
  • Nikkei CNBC
Corporate History
April, 1964
・Technology promotion foundation TV station opening of an office in Japan
October, 1973
・We change company name of to Tokyo 12 channel
November, 1973
・From station specialized in education to general general station
October, 1981
・We change company name of to TV TOKYO
March, 1982
・Affiliated station Television Osaka opening of an office
September, 1983
・Affiliated station Television Aichi opening of an office
October, 1985
・Affiliated station TV setouchi opening of an office
October, 1989
・Affiliated station Television Hokkaido Broadcasting opening of an office
April, 1991
・Affiliated station TXN Kyushu opening of an office (existing TVQ Kyushu broadcast)
April, 1994
・New York studio completion
December, 1999
・Tennozu studio completion
December, 2000
・BS Japan opening of an office (existing BS TV TOKYO)
December, 2003
・Terrestrial digital broadcast launch
August, 2004
・First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange listing
April, 2006
・One segment broadcast launch
April, 2009
・Animation station new establishment
October, 2010
・Authorized broadcast holding company TV TOKYO Holdings Corporation establishment
July, 2011
・Shift complete to analog closedown above the ground, terrestrial digital broadcast
April, 2014
・The opening of an office 50th anniversary
November, 2016
・It is headquarter shift to Roppongi ground tower
Organizational chart


Starting salary
2018 results 243,100 yen (we include for overtime fixation)
Other benefits
Overtime surcharge, holiday duty surcharge, late-night medical treatment, early-morning call-in pay, family allowance, commutation allowance
Raise in salary
Once a year (April)
Work location
The head office and each branch office, branch office
Working hours
As a general rule, from 9:30 to 17:30 (jitsutsutome seven hours) ※There is shift duty by the type of job
Holiday vacation
A complete five-day working week (Saturday and Sunday) ※Celebration holiday when there is shift duty by the type of job, the year-end and New Year holiday, refresh holiday, the summer, winter break, congratulations or condolence vacation, before childbirth after giving birth vacation, long service R and R, annual vacation (after first year 10th, the next fiscal year 20th, a maximum of 40 days, half day paid vacation system)
Welfare program
Mortgage loan system, entrance to school fund financing system, worker's property accumulation savings, mutual aid society, club activities, company cafeteria, welfare facilities (sanitarium, gym)
The employment, workmen's accident, health, welfare annuity insurance, corporate pensions, group life insurance, inclusion worker's accident compensation insurance
The education training
The new employee training, OJT (trainer system), the qualification promotion training
As you want to do entry, please tell procedure.
Please register from the adoption homepage "MY CHANNEL". In one that had you register, ID, password to log in to "MY CHANNEL" are issued. Entry comes to need registration to "MY CHANNEL" where each type of job is common by all means to do in each type of job.
Person who wants entry
What is "MY CHANNEL?"
It is membership system page publishing news about information and selection about our adoption in. We perform undergoing an examination of printout of entry sheet and Web aptitude test, interview reservation, all the notices of results of selection in "MY CHANNEL". ID and password for login are necessary to read "MY CHANNEL". At first you do entry, and please acquire ID and password.
We have forgotten ID, password of "MY CHANNEL".
When "one that has forgotten own ID, password in "MY CHANNEL" clicks from this" and inputs necessary matter, ID, password can confirm.
We have already graduated from university, are there eligibility requirements for an examination? In addition, there is already member of society career, can you take an exam?
If 2020 grad hiring of TV TOKYO is one born after April 2, 1993, even graduate can already take an entrance examination for even with a history of member of society.
You are going to graduate from overseas university, can you take an exam?
We do not have any problem at all basically if it is four-year university. There are actually the adoption results, too.
Is applying to more than one school of the plural types of job possible?
By all types of job, applying to more than one school is possible.
We hope for examination in "generalists". It seems to be necessary to choose the type of job desired, which type of job should we choose when we hope for program production such as "Cumbria palaces" at "the daybreak of Gaia?"
News documentary programs such as "Cumbria palaces" enter duties contents of the news at "the daybreak of Gaia". Please choose "the news" of generalist.
We hope for examination in "generalists". When we hope for production of animated show, which type of job should we choose?
Animation is "broadcast business" of generalist. Please confirm the adoption homepage "offer type of job".
May difference be included in selection by large scientific name and native place department? In addition, we are from local university, may it become disadvantageous?
Selection of TV TOKYO is completely school name no object. Please input large scientific name in entry, but may not make materials of selection.
By no type of job, selection may depend on department and subject majoring in. In addition, please face employment examination with confidence in what you experienced as there is not that it is said, "advantage is disadvantageous because we did ○○" not only study at all.
<local university>
We want to meet wide human resources in TV TOKYO. We may not influence selection.
Do you have plan to perform employment examination in Kansai?
I'm sorry, but we do not have plan to perform employment examination in area except Tokyo.
We hear that written examination of TV station is difficult, what kind of preparations should we make?
When written examination of TV TOKYO is high question of degree of difficulty especially in comparison with other stations and other types of industry, we are not thinking. Particularly, we are thinking that it is not necessary to go to something like media private supplementary school. But, not only written examination, please try to have mentioning everyday news and information positively and wide curiosity.
We want to do alumnus, OG visit, what should I do?
I'm sorry, it does not go to all to introduce employee from human resource department. Person in hope of alumnus, OG visit hopes that we have you hit individually.
I have a question other than the above, what should I do?
After having had you enroll in "MY CHANNEL", please refer than "message box". Please note that you cannot answer inquiry about selection schedule and the results.

Various employees play an active part in TV TOKYO. Grad hiring recruits "person with a disability adoption" at the same time in 2020.

We perform selection by normal flow.

Even anyone can apply for one where more than four-year university were laid by graduation or expectation that is a graduate after April 2, 1993 by March, 2020.
Even slightly interesting one!
In worthwhile environment, do you not work towards aim together?

MY CHANNEL registration

Privacy Policy

We do not use registered personal information and application paper which you sent to in purpose except TV TOKYO Corporation employment examination in 2020. We manage all severely and keep and, after employment examination, dispose under our responsibility.