There is bun slowly and carefully; Taro - star present condition (secret) report ...
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    Net is TV Tokyo, too

    Night of Wednesday, September 20 9:00 program first Golden special program decision!

    Program first Golden special program decision!
    We cut for taboo! Dangerous story size revelation SP
    Cause, Othello Tomoko Nakajima is surprise appearance!

    We are, and bun is special slowly and carefully for two hours on Taro September 20, 2017

    [on airdate] Night of Wednesday, September 20, 2017 from 9:00 to 10:48 p.m.
    [guest] YOU, Yoko Gushiken, shosawaichiuyamai (speed wagon), Asuka Kishi

    ◆Active reporter of that weekly sentence spring is emergency appearance to come to! We do emergency kaode, and active reporter who scooped all the others with that Makiko Esumi graffiti case or Kazuyo Matsui appears! It is revelation from origin of mechanism and material of artillery to the latest immorality material in sentence spring!
    ◆The North Korean truth not to report in news
    Escape from North beautiful woman who got away from North Korea, former prison guard of prison camp. Former intelligence agents of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces gather and reveal North Korean life, escape from North to be able to talk about, the actual situation of agent simply because they actually experienced!
    ◆Former discernment that actually breathed in sarin by the sarin subway attacks in Tokyo, and was half-dead
    ◆We infiltrate, and it is written reportage by "back Kano" and "cannabis manufacturing facility" of demiworld journalist
    ◆The actual situation of urban legend byte experient "clinical trial byte" and "tuna boat"
    ◆Man who realized "polygamy" in Japan

    Program summary

    From popular figure to good old star, entertainer reports the surprising present condition! We dig into new fact that we were not able to know, unexpected one side of entertainer so far! 11,000 total number of entertainer! We should have "surprising present condition report" only to the number! There! From star who carved with the name in history of entertainment to entertainer playing an active part now! Various celebrities are meeting, present condition reports! Unknown shock fact of shining entertainers clearly!

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    Thursday, September 28, 2017 24:12 ...


    Jun Nagura (Neptune), Junichi Koumoto (deputy manager, section manager), Tomomi Kahara
    [guest] It is Masaki Kitahara, Decca Chan. , kick
    [make sure guest] Takahiro Ogata (Panther), mirei (random order)

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