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More than Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Chrome is the latest, and Safari is the latest
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About cookies for traffic investigation

We use support service of marketing company to measure how users use this site in TV TOKYO and use Cookie to gather site visit history information of user. We use this Cookie only for purpose of traffic investigation and do not use for other purposes. In addition, users are not included in identification, information to distinguish at all.
In addition, TV TOKYO has page using Web beacon (clear GIF).
Web beacon comes to be able to acquire detailed statistics information by using in technique that can grasp the Location situation from computer of user in conjunction with Cookie.
We take statistics of the use situation of specific page, and Web beacon uses for the purpose of providing better service and may not collect personal information of users.

About cookies for action targeting

In TV TOKYO, we use cookies to gather site visit history information of user using action targeting advertisement service on advertisement delivery. We use these cookies only for purpose of advertisement delivery and do not use for other purposes. In addition, user is not included in identification, information to distinguish at all. In addition, in responsibility of user, we can stop function of these cookies.

Interest match

We display result of interest match which Yahoo Japan Corporation provides with contents.
Interest match is interest interest interlocking movement type advertisement to place the most suitable advertisement in depending on contents of site reading and past reading history, the latest search keyword.
Yahoo Japan Corporation performs administration, management of interest match. In addition, advertiser and operator of linked website have responsibility about contents. TV TOKYO does not take all responsibility in the contents.

About Web marketing function

We use Web marketing function by method to less distinguish specific individual whom third party except us provides to have many people know our service. Our page is published in various sites in the Internet by using such a function, and defeat depending on taste of individual users; finish, and contents and advertisement may be displayed on we page.

The third party concerned acquires cookies information of user and, about such a function, uses, and we are handled according to privacy policy of the third party concerned, and we contribute to us, and acquired cookies information may not be disclosed. User accesses page of the third party concerned and can invalidate use of cookies by the third party concerned (opto-out procedure).

Please refer to page of the following companies about privacy policy for the details.

[example of third party]
Google re-marketing privacy policy
It prevents you from displaying pasonaraizudo advertisement (opto-out procedure)
Opto-out procedure is possible in page of Network Advertising Initiative

●cyber communications
Privacy Policy
State confirmation page of Cookie for action targeting

●Yahoo Japan Corporation
Privacy Policy
About the Yahoo! contents Discovery "handling of user info"

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