Inquiry, opinion

If there is inquiry, opinion, request, we take to "audience center".
03-6632-7777 (main)
Reception desk time is from 10:00 a.m. of from Monday to Friday to 9:00 p.m.
It is from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

※We record telephone which we had to confirm contents.

Inquiry about program,
On program name, airdate, please call by all means after checking broadcast time.
In addition, as a general rule, we do not answer about the following contents.
  • About theme song used in program, music (BGM) except ending music.
  • About contents (outline) of drama, shooting place (location, shop).
  • About clothes, small tools of performer.
  • About the production person in charge of program, production company.
  • About detailed contents of program before broadcast.
  • About office, contact information of appearance talent.
  • About sponsor name of program.
  • About audience rating.
In addition, we settled answer to common question.
You see the following Q&A, and please contact "audience center" when you are not settled.


Will you dub in one of (you failed in recording) which was not able to watch Q, program?
Can you see if you go to TV TOKYO?
Concerning A, Copyright Act, we cannot copy program in purpose except broadcast.
Therefore, we sell and cannot do that we distribute and do either.
You cannot see even if you come to TV TOKYO.
We want to know Q, shop which we introduced in program, recipe of dishes.
We introduce on A, each program homepage.
When homepage does not have publication, we guide in audience center, but cannot tell all.
After checking program name, airdate, please contact audience center.
We want to know Q, theme song of program and music, BGM of ending.
About A, theme song, ending music, please see contents of "theme song" of TV TOKYO homepage.
As we use BGM in various parts during program and do not leave record as document because the number of the musical pieces is enormous,
We answer, but cannot do it basically.
Q, application method of present, program viewing, program participation?
We guide in contents of "advantageous information" of homepage of each program or TV TOKYO homepage.
Please contact audience center for thing without mention.
We photographed in Q, ○○. When is program name, airdate?
Dozens of cameras perform coverage and shooting in A, TV TOKYO every day, and it is difficult to grasp all.
If it is the situation that the staff of the place can answer at the next opportunity, please hear program name.
We may answer if we understand the program name.
We want to give fan letter to Q, performer (talent announcer, general performer).
Will you hand if you send to TV TOKYO?
I hand A, the letter to program performer through the person in charge.

Please send temadeo to "program name".

But please note that it is judged the person about answer.
Are apparel, small tools which we used by Q, program things of what maker?
As we do not leave record at the time of program collecting about A, apparel which performer of program wore, small tools, we do not answer.
Thing unlike thing appearing in Q, TV magazine was broadcasted, but why is it?
Because article and information of la te column placed in A, TV magazine are data before equivalency than airdate, we may be changed.
We are approximately reliable, but la te column of newspaper may become program replacement by convenience for information of the sun before last in a hurry.
Please understand. As for the latest information, please see homepage.
Are there Q, rebroadcast?
There is program broadcasting again depending on A, program. For more details, please confirm with homepage and program.
Are there Q, release of video, DVD, book of "" (program name)?
We do not commercialize by A, all programs.
We show around commercialized article in contents of "book, DVD" of TV TOKYO homepage.
Do we want to use VTR of program as the teaching materials in Q, school, company?
As you affect A, copyright, please refer.
Do you broadcast Q, "" (program name) only in TV TOKYO?
○○Does even TV TOKYO broadcast "" (local name) broadcasting in TV (local station)?
A, broadcast plan of program vary according to areas.
Please ask TV TOKYO or local broadcasting station to live.
Where can we buy Q, program goods?
A, the official shop "TV Tokyo main office." of TV TOKYO in JR Tokyo Station inner "Tokyo character street" Or "it is the TV Tokyo main office. We sell in WEB.
In addition, Tokyo Skytree town inner "tree village" is Roppongi-Itchome Station direct connection "spring garden / Roppongi ground tower" 3, Roppongi nananaria shop, but can purchase.
Can you observe Q, TV TOKYO?
A, there are not visit tours in TV TOKYO now. In addition, we carry out "extracurricular study" for group.
For more details, please refer to TV TOKYO.
We want to say reporting, plan, opinion to Q, program. (letter, email, FAX)
As A, contents of "opinion, request" of TV TOKYO homepage have email form,
That sends, or, in the case of the letter, please send to the following.
As there is program making phone number and FAX number accepting only during broadcast for,
Please confirm whether you see each program on homepage.
Even FAX accepts only reporting to news. Please contact audience center.

Opinion with the letter, request

It is addressed to "audience center"
Or "program name" is addressed
※The person in charge takes a look at all the opinions that we had, but does not answer for all opinions individually.
Questions, please call to "audience center" 03-6632-7777 (main).