About link and copyright

As for the link to homepage of TV TOKYO, anyone can have you enlarge with the proviso that we have you protect the following condition in accordance with public order and morals only when use purpose is not business.

Homepage of TV TOKYO is comprised of copyrighted book.
Also, sounds and others such as picture, photograph, lines such as sentences such as outlines of program published in this site, the scene of program or character of animation, those copyrights belong to TV TOKYO and original rightful claimant including logo of TV TOKYO or logo of program title.
Contents that are published in these, homepage of TV TOKYO except reproduction for private use,
You make copying (reproduction) without consent of rightful claimant and publish in homepage of the Internet of oneself or another person and you do file swapping (you become transmission possibility, and the automatic public transmits) and must not do.
All these are prohibited by "Copyright Act" and are charged detective, and compensation for damages may be demanded by rightful claimant.
About "quotation"
It is said that "quotation" can do book only for "thing which is equal to fair custom and is performed in the news, review, purpose of study or other quotation as far as it is fair" in Copyright Act.
So that we are recognized as "quotation" here,
But, is necessary, again on "quotation"
You must observe this.

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