Sunday, March 8 7:00 p.m. broadcast!

Through fight against illness of the beauty, there were many splendid encounters in the summer. The beauty might include power to attract person in the summer―

■Story 1998, autumn. The beauty (kana) notices that the left instep aches in Torii summer of fifth grader living in Nagano former Yasaka-mura (existing Omachi-shi) with family. We go around several hospitals, but cause is unclear, and malignant bone tumor said to that there are few cases, and survival rate is low is diagnosed even by the country in Shinano child Hospital who finally came. The beauty fought against disease hard in the summer while cutting bottom from ankle, and continuing anticancer agent treatment. The beauty greatly accomplished growth as human being in summer while devoted support of parents and teacher, chief physician and nurses in charge supporting her fight against illness, and being devoted to study in in-hospital class and handicrafts and picture which we loved. But, in spite of chemotherapy of the next two years, bone marrow transplantation of three times, illness continued attacking body of the beauty in the summer. In summer of eighth grader, parents and the chief physician cancel treatment, and the beauty makes up its mind to discharge her in the summer. The beauty left for heaven in September, 2001 in summer when we made picnic with family, many memories including celebration on the last birthday. But thing which the beauty left in the world was big in the summer. Father, Koichi of the beauty says in the summer. Through "fight against illness of the beauty, there were many splendid encounters in the summer. Doctor and nurses whom it might be that there was power to attract person in the beauty in the summer and treated devotedly, children suffering from intractable disease in the same way and the family…. The beauty had encounter and memory with many splendid people in the summer. Five years when the beauty also left the world in the summer later "let's stay at the country"; the no staff comes over to the Toriis of Yasaka deep in the mountain. As if the beauty totally called new encounter together in the summer…….

■The cast Koichi Torii ..., Toshio Kakei Mie Torii ..., Yoshiko Miyazaki It is beautiful ... Amari spring in Torii summer Nurse Kayama ..., Akiko Kiuchi Dr. principal ..., Takaaki Enoki (friendship appearance) Matsui ..., Hiroshi Katsuno

■Script, supervision Script Taeko Higashi Supervision Hanado pure next

HITCH HOUSING Families ... across the sea of ... tears

HITCH HOUSING But, start; and six years full in this spring. We visited home more than 400 and mentioned memory of family until now.
There was not a little family over experience, trial more than imagination in that. He/she met sudden traveler kindly while such people talking about their bitter histories lightly, and living in now naturally.
We spotlight such 〝 family tie 〟 this time and approach to family who sent the life of turbulence by VTR and the later shooting. In addition, we challenge program first dramatization! We draw the life of genuine eventfulness that we were not able to show at program location at the time.

April, 2003 & June, 2005 broadcast

Grandfather, Hiroyoshi Ueno whom Hiroshi Katsuno met in Kagoshima. In being taking shelter, and visiting encounter, the same house accidentally. Ueno who shed tears when Katsuno cooked soba in a night's lodging and a meal, and ate. We died of stomach cancer in March of the next year. Katsuno went to Kagoshima to put up incense stick and we made side again and offered.
What kind of form did this encounter remain in in Katsuno?……It is only a night, but we stay with traveler, and something like bond is born between former family. It was trip that felt it.

November, 2007 broadcast

Mr. and Mrs. Kurumada whom Nobuaki Kakuda stayed at in Noto Peninsula, Wajima. Harue of wife was ever talented woman hitting typing in U.S. base of Atsugi, but dementia develops. Yoneo of husband arranged house of Kanagawa to live in two people slowly and moved in hometown, Wajima with wife. Memory of every day waning wife……While taking it with reality; husband to devote itself to hard. We mention story of bond of matrimony becoming hot of chest.

June, 2005 broadcast

It is Eiichi Mima and Mr. and Mrs. Hiroko that eggplant came at Hokkaido station where abolished line was decided on. Two sons died in traffic accident at the age of university student 19 years ago. There was sad news at station of night duty early in the morning at 4:00. Husband devoted himself to work as poppo shop and wife could change sorrow by supporting husband and lived. Conventional; thought, and two people reached sun of abolished line.