Tuesday, January 22, 2017 from 7:54 p.m. to 9:48 p.m.

SP that what happens to Japan in President Trump of big variety Akira Ikegami on Sunday

  • MC
    Akira Ikegami, SHELLY, Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
  • Guest
    Ryuta Mine, Yoshiko Miyazaki, pakkun, Ruriko Kojima

U.S. President Trump is finally born! How do living and economy of Japanese people turn out? How does Japan move the world? What is the actual situation of the wonderland "United States?" Akira Ikegami thoroughly elucidates!

Akira Ikegami comments on President inaugural address of Trump planned on the early morning of 21st in Japan time and conventional SNS clearly. Furthermore, we read what kind of change is brought by President appointment of Trump in Japan and the world and untie!

People who live in Japan?

TPP effect becomes hopeless; to Japan-U.S. FTA? Negotiations with the cards government? What is influence to give company and consumers?

Is Japanese company tormented?

Duty pressure is applied to Japanese company producing cars in Mexico?

Does expense burdens on stationing U.S. forces of Japan increase?

Japan bearing sympathy budget allocations may come under further pressure.

Cards market price Japanese economy in spirit…?

Weak yen, high stock prices continue from strong dollar. Cards market price that expectation to reduction of taxes and domestic investment created. Ikegami explains what kind of mechanism Japanese stock rose by.

In the U.S. and China, Japan-China relations change…

Possibility that change appears for not only relations with the United States but also relations with China if it becomes the cards government. We check provocation remark of Trump for China. May the U.S. and China fight? Why don't you fight?

Wall of the United States and Mexican border

Ahead of President appointment of Trump, it is said that illegal immigrants from Mexico increase rapidly in the United States. Trump who showed hard line by electoral campaign saying "we made wall in border with Mexico and strengthen the control of illegal immigrant." What kind of United States do you aim at by strengthening regulation to illegal immigrant? What is the current situation that we saw on the site of border with Mexico? What is thought of emigrants who came by dash across border?

American who believes Noah's ark legend

Ikegami and announcer Nishino collect data on theme park which they did about Noah's ark in Kentucky. There are a lot of people that the bottom of heart believes the Old Testament in the Old Testament in the United States. We convey wonderland, the United States by Ikegami commentary.

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