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We go to see the world in 2017 of Akira Ikegami

    • Caster
      Akira Ikegami, Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
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      Ryuta Mine, Yoshiko Miyazaki, pakkun, Ruriko Kojima

Where does the world of 2017 leave for? Akira Ikegami predicts world news of 2017. With the work beginning coming the next day, Akira Ikegami answers question of business people who want to hang starting dash!

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Where does the world of 2017 leave for? Akira Ikegami predicts world news of 2017.

◇The United States of President Trump
We tell about commentary only by Ikegami who collects data on American average from October through November, and walked of 2016.

◇By Japan and Russia leaders negotiations territorial problem…
In December, 2016, Japan and Russia summit meeting was held in Yamaguchi, but where will Japan and Russia leave for in future whether territorial problem had progress?

Ikegami makes full use of specially made model in studio and comments on nadono attention point.
And it is ... to describe in Ikegami coverage

◇Syrian refugees who wander in Europe
Refugees who escaped from Syria aim at Europe and can arrive if lucky. Numbers just increase, but refugees acceptance becomes difficult in Europe. Akira Ikegami paid attention to thorny trip of couple with Syria while we did it this way. Couple who sell off car and household effects, and got away from Syria with nothing but the clothes on one's back is on the way; couple separately…We were robbed of last fri by mediation person to send refugees out to Europe. Ikegami tries interview with these couple and contact, Copenhagen. And it is Hungary and borderline of Serbia that Ikegami goes. Refugees who escaped from Syria where intense civil war leads to aim at Germany and France, the U.K. of West Europe. Refugees escape from Syria and go to Germany via Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Hungary. We call such a way Balkan route. Ikegami collects data on refugees of severe circumstances to reach winter by Balkan route in the beginning of December.

◇Terrorist is kidnapper
Middle Eastern terrorist is simple criminal kidnapping after fri now. When we kidnap journalist and volunteer people, we plunder the government of ransom money. When we do not do well, we kill. Akira Ikegami collects data on such a kidnapper and negotiator becoming coordinator between the government. Town with Europe is stage. On earth what kind of new fact becomes clear from his mouth?

◇Energy circumstances of Japan change?
It is Panama Canal coverage of Akira Ikegami. Width of Panama Canal was expanded. As a result, tanker of LGP gas which carried shale gas of the American East Coast comes over to Japan across the Pacific through Panama Canal. We start in earnest in 2017. Energy circumstances that we depended on the Middle East and Russia for of Japan greatly change, and what takes place? Ikegami comments on the future of Japanese energy.

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Japan that what happens to sleeve notes in new early spring in 2017 of Akira Ikegami at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 1, 2017, the world that what happens to