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Japan that what happens to sleeve notes in new early spring in 2017 of Akira Ikegami, the world that what happens to

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    Akira Ikegami
    Takatomi Shindo (TV TOKYO press bureau)
    Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
    Eri Kano (TV TOKYO announcer)
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    Hideki Takahashi, Yoshiko Miyazaki, pakkun, Mt. Hamada, Sugiyama Serina

It is no news commentary at the very beginning in New Year's Day. On earth what kind of year is 2017?…TV TOKYO is the earliest and tells about "commentary is naive for 2,017 years of Akira Ikegami".
"Ikegami election special program team" and "yuugata satellite" annual every year this time are collaboration. It is news program of bright 2017.

Ikegami answers question of 2017 news that audience thinks of naively.

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Ikegami incomparableness explodes from New Year's Day! "Akira Ikegami VS Yuriko Koike" again! What are "martial arts of offspring" that Governor Koike spoke of?

Direct hit interview to Yuriko Koike by journalist, Akira Ikegami that the confrontation became topic by Tokyo governor election special program broadcasted in July, 2016. New confrontation of "Governor Akira Ikegami VS Yuriko Koike" is broadcasted in long shot interview in "Japan that what happens to sleeve notes in new early spring in 2017 of Akira Ikegami, the world that what happens" to broadcasted on January 1, 2017 (Sunday/Holiday).

Move postponement to Toyosu market, Governor this Koike who moved busily for half a year while it was near including establishment of political private supplementary school. On earth what is place that Governor Koike aims at? Akira Ikegami visits the Metropolitan Government and hits that we want to hear on relations of the governor of Tokyo and the metropolitan assembly, possibility of new party setup right out now. Therefore it is the word "martial arts of offspring" that there was from mouth of Governor Koike. In fact, it is guidebook which moves these words, martial arts book which military commander before A.D. in China wrote that is armed forces how, and beats war. Why was the word "martial arts of offspring" given by Governor Koike? Formidable political strategy to read the present politics there, and to solve was hidden. The exchanges of Akira Ikegami and Governor Koike to vent question on to clarify aim of Governor Koike in sequence are one of the first highlight in Ikegami special program of this year.
Akira Ikegami who finished interview explains that it is, "it is declaration of war for member of the Metropolitan assembly election". In 2017, what does Governor Koike set? In telling movement of politics not to be able to overlook; Ikegami incomparableness of New Year's Day without passing over!

Besides, Akira Ikegami thoroughly explains event to be worried about in 2017 what happens to the United States by dissolution strategy of Prime Minister circumstances and Abe, President appointment of Trump on rest Sundays and holidays of 2017 that we want to know. Don't miss it.

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It is this about broadcast content going to see the world in 2017 of Akira Ikegami at 6:00 on the evening of Tuesday, January 3, 2017!