Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 7:54 p.m. to 9:54

Ikegami world of Sunday Golden We walk contemporary history of Akira Ikegami ... Walking through Modern History

With President John F. Kennedy of the second glory and tragedy

  • Guide
    Akira Ikegami
  • Traveler
    Chiriko Sakashita
  • Assistant
    Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
  • Narrator
    Takaharu Miyamoto

Akira Ikegami finally appears in regular program of prime time on Sunday. It is "Ikegami world of Sunday Golden". Place the main contents as the Ikegami oneself "lifework" "collected studies as journalist"; "walk contemporary history of Akira Ikegami". Ikegami is particular if "we walk". We walk the spot of domestic and foreign contemporary history with traveler, actress who is full of curiosity and well-known talent and just develop commentary to tie news and the history having to.

With President John F. Kennedy of glory and tragedy

As for Ikegami, October, 1962 "Cuban Missile crisis" felt hopeless expecting nuclear war "do I still die though it was primary schoolchild?". We succeeded in John F. Kennedy of the U.S. President putting negotiations on Nikita Khrushchev of Prime Minister of Soviet Union then, and evading crisis. Kennedy is assassinated, and the term in office was slightly less than three years, but popularity does not still decline afterwards. Ikegami party walks Boston, Washington, Dallas, and Kennedy looks for reason to be said to be great. Of course we do not forget to order clam chowder in shop of Boston where Kennedy went to on every Sunday.

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