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Afternoon of Sunday, August 20, 2017 4:00 ...

Ikegami world "super-wealth who changes the world" of Sunday evening

  • MC
    Akira Ikegami, Aiuchi Yuka (TV TOKYO announcer)
  • Guest
    Yoshiko Miyazaki, pakkun, Ruriko Kojima

Very popular! Sunday evening series of Akira Ikegami! We deliver super-wealth moving the world. We solve in Ikegami style why super-wealths gained success!

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The 15th of Sunday evening series of Akira Ikegami. We invite friend of guest to self-styled "commentary room" and comment on news and key person. We press secret of success of super-wealth moving the world this time. How did super-wealths succeed? As for Akira Ikegami, string solves the life of three much-talked-about millionaires using model called "life Theater" now. What is lesson to get from there? And we see hint of movement of economy when we read and solve the life of world super-wealths.

Man who built "Amazon empire"

In Jeff, be zosu, it is said that we overtake Bill Gates and become the world central figure first place the founder of the Amazon soon. be zosu was born in New Mexico. We were brought up after divorce of parents by father-in-law of Cuban refugees. Success story begins in there. We established the Amazons, and we worked hard at bibliopolism at first, but we charged without being afraid of deficit, and we grew up now in mail order site that treated every product including perishables, and would there be here on earth what kind of story?

What is "Ali Baba?"

Chinese super-wealth Jack Marr was never elite. We fail by examination and leave Chinese national enterprise and. However, we take friend and open "Ali Baba" and accomplish great success later. Masayoshi Son, chairperson of SoftBank invests in Ali Baba and succeeds and is up-and-coming existence for Japanese company.

Person who changed image of "investors"

86-year-old Warren Buffett is "long-term possession of stock" "large amount contribution" investor who attracted attention by "insisting on tax increase to rich person", and doing. It is "God of investment" respected by people of the United States. Buffett brought up in poor family walked the investors life without defeat since start by investment in fri which we earned by paper round of Washington Post for long term.