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Sunday, July 1, 2018 from 7:54 p.m. to 9:54

Ikegami world of Sunday Golden We walk contemporary history of Akira Ikegami ... Walking through Modern History

For the fifth Hong Kong return 21 years, how did freedom turn out?

  • Guide
    Akira Ikegami
  • Traveler
    Manami Honjo, Ayako Yoshitani
  • Narrator
    Takaharu Miyamoto

The fifth is sightseeing spot, Hong Kong that is familiar to Japanese. Akira Ikegami solves the history of 180 years filled with disturbance of Hong Kong that prospered as free trade port. Hong Kong that became colony of the U.K. by Opium War in the 19th century prospered as exotic city. On earth why did Hong Kong become city of fascination? Akira Ikegami, Manami Honjo, three people of Ayako Yoshitani learn from Chinese food. The side that people of enormous numbers flowed into seeing from mainland China, and food culture was conveyed by Chinese food. We are returned to China in 1997 by the U.K. During 21 years, was freedom of Hong Kong kept since then? Ikegami party went to see bookstore which sold critical book to the Chinese Communist Party where storekeeper disappeared. Therefore it was mysterious multi-tenant building to have done in one of eyes.

Whose thing is Hong Kong? Is 〟 free to do 〝 followed?

It is gong gulf bookstore in Hong Kong Island that at first Ikegami party went. It was bookstore which sold books which criticized the Chinese Communist Party, but the master of bookstore was missing, and we were taken away by China. We came back to Hong Kong, but bookstore has been closed now afterwards.

Ikegami lecture starts over freedom of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a Chinese part, but it is said that it is not China itself. After return, we say "one nation, two systems", and high self-government is accepted. However, for these past several years, control of China is strengthened. Youths took action over freedom of Hong Kong. We ask young leader, Agnes butterfly of democratization of Hong Kong story.

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What is Hong Kong under the rule for 150 years in the U.K.?

When 1841, the U.K. went ashore, they lecture in pond in pozesshompointo which advocated Union Jack, and they start Hong Kong. For approximately 150 years until return of 1997 in China, what happened under the rule in the U.K. in Hong Kong? Culture of the British colony times when custom such as enjoying elegant Afternoon Tea still remains in Hong Kong. Under the rule in the U.K., there were the times when different country governed Hong Kong only for three years eight months. On star ferry, we go to place becoming the clue. On earth where is the country?

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The town & world economy-centered one of the dainty food Hong Kong! Is the strength somewhere and others?

Shop "tenko*" which it is Shanghai crab that one Ikegami dropped in for meal, and is famous. It becomes town of dainty food, and many tourists visit Hong Kong. Behind the Hong Kong development, there was exceptional effort of emigrants who demanded refugees, the new world that escaped from Communist Party rule country cocivil war. Lines of movie "affection" can learn the history of Hong Kong of turbulence. Development of Hong Kong flick represented by Hong Kong plastic and Bruce Lee…. We comment on where strength of Hong Kong comes from.

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Longevity world's best Hong Kong! Secret of longevity?

As for the average life span of woman of Hong Kong, 87.34 years old, man pulled Japan which was 81.32 years old and world eminent longevity country in 2016, and Hong Kong became best among the longevity world for 2 consecutive years. We go to investigate the long-lived secret. One of the elderly enjoying Tai chi chuan from early morning, 91-year-old phone. Phone eats what, and on earth what kind of 1st will you spend? Fact to be related to contemporary history of Hong Kong appeared when we investigated long-lived secret.

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Place of contemporary history that walked this time

Hong Kong special administrative region (the incense 9, Minatojima dragon New Territories)

Ikegami quiz of contemporary history

The fifth questions (July 1, 2018 broadcast) to walk contemporary history of Akira Ikegami

Q. Tell phrase which is the most suitable for ().

Hong Kong became colony of the U.K. by (A) war at the mid-19th century.
In the 20th century, we accomplished economic development as one of the world's largest (B) trade port.
In 1997, we are returned to China (C), and system will be maintained afterwards for 50 years.

※ There are four answer columns of application form, but column of D makes blanks, and apply.

Answer example is this

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