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Face of 〟 France list which can say that it is the ninth 〝 No, face of the back

  • Guide
    Akira Ikegami
  • Traveler
    Saya Ichikawa
  • Assistant
    Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
  • Narrator
    Takaharu Miyamoto

We hear with France, and what will everybody image? Magnificent city Paris with much celebrity sightseeing spots. With-it-ness including fashion. French cuisine which was registered with Intangible Cultural Heritage which let epicure groan. Akira Ikegami walks the spot of French contemporary history this time and appears on trip to change image that many people have of France.
France which won the championship at soccer World Cup of this year after an interval of 20 years. What is driving force of championship? To port town Marseille southern in it for spy. Scene which we saw there is ...
Paris May revolution that what Ikegami paid attention to in understanding France happened in 1968 50 years ago. Student and worker had dissatisfaction toward the government at the time and clashed with the police force intensely. The exercise had a big influence on Japan. It is said that it is mind "free equality, philanthropism" of the French Revolution that is in the root of revolution in Paris May. This mind is inherited ceaselessly in France, but it is said that we appear for original diplomacy that it can say No 〟 where 〝 is strong to the United States. Akira Ikegami wants to know with traveler, Saya Ichikawa now! We comment on France of the real face in particular.

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