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Afternoon of Sunday, October 29, 2017 4:00 ...

Ikegami world of Sunday evening

  • MC
    Akira Ikegami, Aiuchi Yuka (TV TOKYO announcer)
  • Guest
    Yoshiko Miyazaki, Ruriko Kojima, Harry Sugiyama

Very popular! Sunday evening series of Akira Ikegami! Akira Ikegami invites friend of guest to self-styled "commentary room" and comments on latest news and key person.

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We survey the future political situation boldly this time! Furthermore, we press the depths of the East Asia situation to greatly control steering of Japan.
What is the North Korea, Kim Jong-un Administration pushing on for nuclear weapon development going to do next?
In addition, the most important meeting once in five years, Communist Party meeting were held this month in China. President Xi Jinping appoints aide by top business executive personnel affairs and includes political thought that named own name in party agreement and pushes forward power concentration.

On earth we make full use of specially made model and read in Ikegami style and untie where the Xi Jinping system goes to!
(in the case of change, there are contents)