Under delivery for a limited number special during TV TOKYO business on-demand period!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 from 5:55 p.m. to 8:54

We go to see 2018 world of Akira Ikegami

  • Performer
    Akira Ikegami, Mariko Oe (TV TOKYO caster), Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
  • Guest
    Ryuta Mine, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Chiriko Sakashita, pakkun, Ruriko Kojima

New Year news special program that Akira Ikegami gives the first business day of the year for business person of Japan to go to the next day. This theme "the issue of missile in North Korea" and "great problem of President Trump in the United States"

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On earth, in 2018, what kind of age does the world become? We will tell the first business day of the year about news special program for business person of Japan to go to on the New Year when Akira Ikegami is hardliner on the night of January 3 on the New Year tomorrow.
This time is large development centering on "great problem of President Trump in the United States" "the issue of North Korean missile". Ikegami goes to the world spot and comments.

We read "crisis over there now" and solve the North Korean situation

Ikegami and Yoshiko Miyazaki, Ruriko Kojima urgently report on Panmunjeom that is on the military boundary across Korea and North Korea.
We just had exile of North Korean soldier in November.
We tell from the spot growing tense.

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What is "departed soul called racial discrimination" which revived in United States President Trump?

We become President Trump, and division state of the American nation accelerates.
One is fight over race.
Ikegami and Sakashita visit Lincoln Valhall and think about race problem.
Furthermore, Ikegami collects data on principle of supremacy group KKK of white locally.
According to Japanese, we convey essence of the 〝 wonderland 〟 United States.

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We take world news of 2018 in advance

Ikegami is specially made, and "newsmap of 2018 world" comes up.
In 2018, world; what happens where and when?
Ikegami thoroughly comments.

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We broadcast live on the New Year of Akira Ikegami at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, January 1, 2018! It is this about commentary broadcast content first in 2018!