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We know right now! Late-night greens pickled overnight class is opened a course in tonight!

Lecturers at fiery zeal familiar in the up-and-coming event, movie, stage, DVD hosted by TV TOKYO, recommended entertainment contents including book in entertainment information are atsu ku lectures!

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The outrage most last chapter

Blu-ray & DVD4 24 days a month Tuesday release of the "outrage" which recorded series maximum hit most last chapter! Privilege of special edition generalizes series three copies product very much!

Night hero NAOTO

The lead alone first in members of national group, EXILE for the third generation leader NAOTO of J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE in the part of emergency person serial drama! DVD & Blu-ray is now on sale!


There are collaboration goods in nananaguzzu to stuffed toy and smartphone case, bag, towel one after another!