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It is approximately approximately search for tsugikurumono ... of ... midnight
Campaign summary In TSUTAYA (some stores), we present sample of "ichi hair" to all of you aiming at hairdressing.
Conduct period March 4, 2017 ...
Instructions ・It should be female guests priority.
・It is finished as soon as the number of each store conduct disappears.
・We may stop distribution at the time of congestion.
・Kind of sample cannot be chosen.
・Conduct store
TSUTAYA BOOKS Minami Maehashi mall shop
Each TSUTAYA shop
(Kawasaki station square store, Ueno, Tokyo store, the 20th century hill shop, Minamigyotoku shop, shop of eggplant, Kameari shop, Kinshicho shop, atto- Levi Tabata shop, Machiya shop, Kamisu shop, Toyoshiki shop, Soshigaya size store built in a godown style, Kitanarashino station square shop, Tamachi station square shop, Chofu Station south exit shop, Sakurashimmachi shop, Samukawa shop, Yashio shop, Oamishirasato shop, Atrai 2, Oimachi, Chiba new subdivision shop, Urayasu cherry tree street shop, Ikebukuro rosa shop, Higashiojima shop, Shimbashi shop, Akasaka shop, arts and sciences big store, Nishiogikubo shop)

※Please refer to the following about "ichi hair".
■ichi hair homepage:




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Midnight hyper variety that mountain village Ryota & Chinese bridge Yumi sends!
kite ru guys "approximately almost" "approximately almost" introduce kite ru thing!
Next-generation idol & young person entertainer introduces notable thing in original glance now!


Mountain village Ryota, Chinese bridge Yumi, mo to relax! Others, young entertainer