Secret of ADVERTISEMENT PROGRAM hit! The world ☆Interesting CM Grand Prix

Evening of every Sunday 6:30 - broadcast!

Family is "advertisement variety program" having you enjoy on seeing "good old CM" "interesting CM of foreign countries" "much-talked-about new products" all together!
We introduce product and CM to usually see humorously!

MC Chinese bridge Yumi
Free-lance caster
It was born in October 22, 1974
We are from Fukushima

MC Nankai Candies, Ryota Yamazato
It was born in April 14, 1977
We are from Chiba

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Past broadcast

September 28
・Secret of hit of Ryota Yamazato

※Secret of hit is finished with broadcast on September 28.

We see in detail

Application of present is this

Secret of more ADVERTISEMENT PROGRAM special companies to want to know Secret Sunday, August 10, 2014 4:30 p.m. - broadcast of hit that ADVERTISEMENT PROGRAM special intellect wants to happen! Performer: Chinese bridge Yumi, Nankai Candies Ryota Yamazato (appearance of character and voice) coverage company: JX Nikko Nisseki energy others TOTO (outside site)