Strange map which head improves

Friday, December 5 9:00 p.m.


It is guru Jin Kusano, Hiroyuki Amano (chi - n), Shoko Nakagawa, Etsuko Nami, Hikaru Ijuin, udo Suzuki (chi - n), Teruyuki Tsuchida, Nana Katase, Maomi Yuki, the


We appear at last! As for ancient map or the future map, "map" is hot "map" variety recently! Japanese map which everybody sees well transforms this program in terrible form! As for the name "limply map" The area of the map changes by "digital data" such as various events or phenomena and it becomes bigger than fact and discovers Japanese astonishment through ... such "slimy map" becoming small newly! Unexpected secret of the best convenience store in Japan Fact that is surprising on distribution map of buried treasure? Astonishment of discovery latest conveyor belt sushi discovers legendary Olympics gold medalist newly nadonado is varied! It is program which head comes to have good just to see map!