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Monday, June 4, 2018 broadcast The last story (Episode 8) outline

The issue of national land sale of Ministry of Finance is found out. Member of the Diet, doubt of contribution dirty for Seiichi Todo (Keisuke Horibe) that related document was canceled for some reason, and authorized sale.
Todo was former boss whom Kazuki Kurosawa (Yosuke Eguchi) adored. In Kurosawa being ordered manipulation of record by request of Todo, and letting staff, Tsugio Kawase (Koji Yamamoto) of troubled Ministry of Finance change his job in favorable conditions, and helping mouth seal jino.
Both Tetsuya Haitani (Tetta Sugimoto) and Kyoko Akagi (Eiko Koike) are enraged for betrayal of Kurosawa. It is developed by situation that saga dissolves….

Guest performer

  • Koji Yamamoto Tsugio Kawase Local Finance Bureau, the staff
  • Keisuke Horibe Seiichi Todo Diet member
  • Hidekimi Kojima(TV TOKYO announcer)


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