Happy Hawaii - Monday, December 30 11:00 a.m. broadcast six stations net of "10 methods becoming happy in Hawaii" - Maomi Yuki, Natsumi Abe

We introduce superb view only in beach and Hawaii including sunset thoroughly! We introduce trick of shopping in Hawaii and the latest spot, recommended gourmet!

Maomi Yuki known as authority of Hawaii navigates program! This big theme will become happy on seeing person who wants to spend Hawaii leisurely, person who is active, and wants to spend time, program of information full loading!

We thoroughly enjoy healing in longed-for spa!

Audience present

It is news of present for all of you that you saw program!

  • Maomi Yuki "MAOMI'S HAWAII WEDDING" (ten people)
  • Three colors of UGG boots, each size 7 (three people ※ color is not available)
  • ABISTE shiningly strap (five people)

We present this to 18 people in total by lot! You check, and, after filling out necessary matter, apply for prize you like.

The application deadline: Until Monday, January 6, 2014 23:59

  • ※We invalidate application data that it was past time on the deadline of present application.
  • ※Application should be once per person.
  • ※We get announcement of present elected candidate with shipment of prize.
  • ※We use personal information of elected person only for shipment of product.

Offer was finished. Thank you for your application.