We are broadcasting live by one segment now! ※You cannot see with terrestrial digital TV, analog television. There is special present during broadcast, too! Application from data broadcasting of one segment! For more details, please see broadcast. Urgent notice! Under delivery live "even in the amoeba studio" (we jump to outside site)! We challenge "amoeba nau" (we jump to outside site) in "double A official site (we jump to outside site) of amoeba"! We look forward to contribution from all of you. ※Straight delivery may be hard to be connected by the congestion situation ※Registration is necessary to post on "amoeba nau" << broadcast was finished >>

Program summary

This program is special program only for one segment.
You can see by one segment of TV TOKYO.
Is Japan by program in 2010; break inevitable Korean star,
We introduce ahead of others quickly.
It is varied and introduces promising newcomer or up-and-coming new item information.
Their unknown real face or surprising picture which are revealed only for this program
We monopolize and broadcast. We make new tide of Korean boom in Japan.
As for the application method news of New Year's present present with signature luxurious during broadcast!
New Year's present present with luxurious signature!


[performer] X-GUN Hidetaka Nishio
[host] TV TOKYO announcer Hidekimi Kojima, Reina Akimoto

Appearance artist

sg WANNA BE+, V.O.S, paku sommin

With one segment…

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Under premiere video precedent delivery seen only here! We are going to add one after another! << as for the video of each artist this >> Under questionnaire conduct before broadcast! Who is 2010, up-and-coming Korean wave star? For more information:


Photograph: sg WANNA BE+

Photograph: Coherence video

Photograph: Live video

INTRODUCTION / introduction
R & B system man three group.
As unit name is meaning "wanting to become like Simon & Garfunkel", and leaders of American various fields were brought up to listen to music of Simon & Garfunkel, thought that young generation in now wants to grow up to listen to their songs together is loaded with.

PROFILE / profile
Kim Yong Joon (birthday: on September 12 blood type: type AB)
i sokufun (birthday: on February 21 blood type: type B)
Kim jino (birthday: on May 21 blood type: type B)


Photograph: V.O.S

Photograph: Coherence video

Photograph: Live video

INTRODUCTION / introduction
R & B vocalist group by three men.
Group name tells beautiful harmony by abbreviation of "Voice of Soul".
Each person gives solo album and lays emphasis on personal activity.

PROFILE / profile
paku diphone (birthday: on July 28 blood type: type A)
Che hyonjun (birthday: on March 7 blood type: type A)
Kim kyonnoku (birthday: on December 4 blood type: type B)

paku sommin

Photograph: paku sommin

Photograph: Coherence video

INTRODUCTION / introduction
Actor. 1995 debut.
Main appearance work "strike love (2009)" "King Futoshi Chinese Gods of four seasons note (2007)"
"(2006) on holiday" "protect the earth (2003)."

PROFILE / profile
The date of birth: April 1, 1971
Height: The 180cm weight: 72kg blood type: 0 type
Special ability: Five steps of kendo, tekkyon four steps (traditional military arts)
Hobby: Horseback riding, swimming