The 39th Sumida River fireworks display exclusive live broadcast: TV TOKYO

Broadcast was finished.
All of you whom you saw, thank you.
So that it will be fine next year; ...

The latest information

  • Great offer! We will have mountain and udo read!
    Is atsu ... of midsummer; message! in vice-sound!
    Theme We want to launch with fireworks! Memory of midsummer
    By vice-sound of this year mountain chanko and Koichi Yamadera and udo Suzuki
    We send fireworks commentary noisily as "Sumida River fireworks DJ"!
    Mountain & udo reads fireworks totomonidodo - nto aloud by your message.

    ・Real mistake that we experienced in destination in summer vacation
    ・Episode of fireworks display that dated for the first time
    ・Memory of the country where we went out to to play in summer vacation of primary schoolchild
    ・Real mistake that we experienced in destination in summer vacation
    ・Having had first experience this summer

    Acceptance of episode was finished.
    Thank you for your much application.
    I will inform e-mail address that had you send about shipment of present.

  • A total of 300,000 yen present! Under mosaic fireworks art campaign conduct! Please post your summer memory★
  • We released Asahi Breweries special monopoly live broadcast 39th Sumida River fireworks display program formula homepage.

Program summary

  • Sumida River fireworks display proud of tradition from the Edo era to.
    In this year to reach 39 times, 20,000 fireworks relay state to color night sky exclusively.
    From helicopter and stand ship, plural points including back alley
    We send figure and sound of beautiful fireworks full of a sense of reality between tea breaks.
    Annual fireworks contest that selected fireworks suppliers of the whole country pit their skills
    It is full of the highlight in this year including grand finalea of fireworks of 2,000 are washed ashore at in five minutes, being impressed!
    Common usage! Downtown charge of Maasa Takahashi, broadcast report! As for the vice-sound sleeve notes which also got favorable reception last year!
    Please it be fine this year!