Astonishment panic theater
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The highlight

Astonishment panic theater
One action released case, accident picture of all the countries of the world, astonishment picture which is not thought about at normal and interesting picture beginning to blow unintentionally! We attach machine measuring brain waves to head and guest is scared and competes with scared & shokotanno MC two for degree.
Program of other shock pictures and greatly different one put on machine that MC and guest measure brain waves to head, and compete who was scared most. When, in fact, talent who does not seem to be easily scared at all is bibooby, and that person who is famous for big reaction is not scared judging from brain waves too much when we usually watch TV, unusual one side is seen.
Astonishment panic theater



Astonishment panic theater
Oki who is scared
Astonishment panic theater
Shoko Nakagawa


Astonishment panic theater
Small Eiji Toge
(by kingu)
Astonishment panic theater
Astonishment panic theater
Minami Takahashi
Astonishment panic theater


①Gorilla which does not want to get wet in the rain
Astonishment panic theater
Rain which wrote American zoo, gorilla during photography suddenly.
Gorilla which we evacuated to under the roof has put bait which we ate. Though do not want to get wet in the rain; of meal want to follow.
Gorilla covers up brain by hand after we kept on being troubled and makes a sprint not to get wet in the rain!
He/she showed figure with full of amiability.
②Backlashing home run
Astonishment panic theater
Game of softball carried out in Canada.
Though batter who entered turn at bat is the right batter, is it wrong ... to the left turn at bat?
When cost to, fire shot ball by backlashing; is home run wonderfully!
We showed wonderful batting whether that it was accidental was kamiwaza.
③Cat to see horror film
Astonishment panic theater
What cat of nailing sees to TV "horror film."
Movie is approaching in climax, too.
It was perfectly round and totally did eye like human being without knowing whether cat knew contents.
④Big man of mouth
Astonishment panic theater
raja doing extremely ordinary guard in Nepal is proud of size of mouth.
Such he is success in challenging world record how long many pencils are added to, and adding 138 wonderful pencils!
We greatly updated conventional world record.
⑤Moment of snowslide
Astonishment panic theater
When snowmobile of friend runs up mountain, snowslide is generated by the vibration!
Friend who got nervous was rolled up in snowslide in no time and pressed photographer at terrible speed!
Photographer got away from snowslide somehow and was able to save friend swallowed up by snowslide afterwards.
⑥We barely photograph landing airplane
Astonishment panic theater
It is said that there is spot where strange photograph comes out in Caribbean small island, Saint Barthelemy.
There was very thrilling place that airplane which landed flew in overheadless Rais.
In fact, it is said that it cannot but land by low flying because a certain flight weaving shop, runway is too short ahead.
That a lot of tourists came to come to taste the thrill now.