Astonishment panic theater
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MC  : Big tree Shoko Nakagawa who is scared
Guest :  You, onononoka, Ippei Kanie who act violently


▼Hunter who catches quail barehanded 

Mat Carter during hunting in quails,
We catch quail which flew for some time how barehanded!
We showed wonderful sugo gi to perform hunting barehanded without using gun.

  Astonishment panic theater


▼Shark cage diving

"Shark cage diving" that is popular among divers secretly.
It is what enter iron fence, and can look at shark close, but
Saying that we look at shark biting fence in front
... which feels more dead than alive at all.

  Astonishment panic theater


▼Priest who is immersed in oil which we heated

Video of Thai priest meditateing in boiling oil go away in net publicly
We collect topics.
Priest who advocates sutra in big pot which oil was filled to the brim with absorbedly.
Flame blazes under the pot, but priest continues advocating sutra earnestly.
If it is ordinary person, we should be fried,
It is indeed Thai priest!

  Astonishment panic theater


▼Baby skateboarder

We discover baby getting on skateboard in diaper breezily in Australia!
This child is car lei stone Kelly. What and 2 years old!
All the families of car Rei are big fans of skateboarding, and is it the influence?
It is said that we came to get on skateboard what from six months after birth.
As for the board technique that we learned before than we walk, really of genius!

  Astonishment panic theater