Amazing panic theater
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MC  : Bibiru Oki Shoko Nakagawa
Guest : Shinnichi Shinohara, Taku Suzuki (doh dragon to rank as), Chinami Suzuki /
Maasa Takahashi, Ryo Tamura (London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go), Momoko Tsugunaga


▼Fired rice with 60 portions cook who makes 

Cook who makes fried rice with big wok. Fried rice which we swing pan that doh is huge with every effort, but cook is 60 portions really!
It was daring in ingredients materials and seasoning before 60, and cook of flame which we mixed existed!

  Amazing panic theater _01


We put up slightly strange barbell

It is geoshiteiru man in barbell. We give barbell when we see well while putting both legs on chair how, and straddling!
That, in addition to male reason, muscular workout, it is training that is 3, Hitotsuishi chicken which can train flexibility, sense of balance at the same time.

  Amazing panic theater _02


Skateboard sticks between crotches

Boy who challenges jump during skateboard exercise.
Although I thought that we were able to fly well, it is failed by landing! The tip of skateboarding makes a hit between crotches!
We have a pain in this!

  Amazing panic theater _03


We bake bacon in machine gun

This man who says that bacon is favorite. It occurred to me that we baked bacon with the barrel of machine gun what you thought of.
We wind bacon around the barrel and shoot gun consecutively!
Then flavor that is juicy from the barrel brown is ...
It was man who ate baked bacon joyfully.

  Amazing panic theater _04


Large tire explodes

Tire explodes suddenly in repair shop of car! One or ... that tire became obsolete.
As it were, the scene is force as we are equal to bomb!
So that everybody does not neglect tire check, too; ...

  Amazing panic theater _05


Woodpecker which points too much out thu

Woodpecker to make a hole in thu, and to prepare den into. But woodpecker photographed this time nudged thu by force to defeat thu!
Heap of hole bigger than own body and small pieces of wood ... piled up below
On earth what did intend to do; ...?

  Amazing panic theater _06


When break egg to cook; from the inside chick

Man who is going to cook with Indian stand.
When break egg on iron plate; chick is ... from all over anything!
Even if when take heart, and break one more, keep waiting; chick!
It was man that cooking was not readily begun.

  Amazing panic theater _07


Survival substitute by subway

By Chinese subway, good beautiful woman of style took off clothes suddenly and began change.
It is ... without state to keep in person tachihaha mind of rotation that we rode on.
The very woman changes her clothes more and more without minding rotation.

  Amazing panic theater _08


Indian rubber man

jasupuritto you who live in India have special ability of menace to be able to bend whole body to every direction.
Head can turn 180 degrees, arm 360 degrees, and the figure is circle; rubber human being!

  Amazing panic theater _09


Man who made wheel of bicycle with ice

Challenge of man to change tire of bicycle to wheel made of ice, and to run on various ways.
Paved way can run breezily, but we slip when it becomes slope and do not advance forward!
Tire of ice breaks in gravel path! 
On earth it is ... of doing it it which is why

  Amazing panic theater _10


Man who climbs high-rise building without lifeline

Man of freak Reimer climbs various high places without lifeline until now.
It is said that we challenge crane of high-rise building under construction of London this time.
Camera picture of glance attached to head of man is terrified so that this looking at breaks out in a cold sweat.

  Amazing panic theater _11

Broadcasting station information

[6:30 p.m. broadcast] TV TOKYO, TV setouchi
[7:00 p.m. broadcast]  Television Osaka
[9:00 p.m. broadcast]  Television Aichi, Television Hokkaido Broadcasting