Amazing panic theater

One action introduces amazing picture of all parts of the world, interesting picture! We compete who is scared by the electroencephalographic measurement most!

MC: Shoko Nakagawa / Bibiru Oki 

The latest broadcast
Wednesday, December 27, 2017 6:25 p.m.

99 running fire to be scared at emergency moment!

Takehiro Kimoto (TKO) / Kurosawa wears (Morisanchu)
Kazu laser (Maple superalloy) / small turf blowing snow [random order]

We shoot two shaking plastic bottles at the same time

It is man with bow in hand.
For one of front two plastic bottles
We are hung with string and waver in turn.
Whether you shoot one by one omoi breath and ...
We have shot two by the good skill!

Pure white giraffe

In this August,
It was photographed in animal sanctuary of Kenya
A certain creature in topic.
Pure white giraffe that it is extremely rare.
Besides, it is parent and child!
What is the truth of the pure white giraffe?

Man who rides bicycle nakedly

In U.K. London
Picture of photographed shock.
Photographer who ran car,
We run breezily by bicycle when we look out the window incidentally
Good man who has a build.
Besides, he does not wear clothes?