Astonishment panic theater

One action introduces astonishment picture of all parts of the world, interesting picture! We compete who is scared by the electroencephalographic measurement most!

MC: Shoko Nakagawa / Oki who is scared 

The latest broadcast
Night of Friday, July 14, 2017 6:55

77 running fire to be scared at emergency moment!

Black (Dai Yasuda circus) / Shinji Saito (jungle pocket) / Rie Shibata /
Blouson Chiemi (※ order of the kana syllabary)

Camera of panic theater sneaks into Chinese TV station!

Entertainer Anthony the southeastern part of China,
It is infiltrated by TV station in Jiangxi!
Drawing card program of this TV station
We say "superman visit group",
Program which people with sugo gi appear in sequence.
Unlike Japan "Chinese superman" imagination
Only as for the person to surpass.
How do you find out superman?
We report on backstage of program.
And finally,
In Anthony appearing in this program!
The as expected result?

Man who drinks six bottle beer in a mass

Man of Chinese YouTuber.
We drink six bottle beer at a stretch in a mass
It is said that we thought out epoch-making method.
By the method for beer six stretch
We have drunk up.
What is the epoch-making method?

Orangutan of woman enthusiast

Popular zoo in Thailand, safari world.
There can come in contact with various animals and
One which it is popular facility, but is particularly popular
Approximately 60 kept orangutans.
All over the world in topic.
What is the reason as expected?

Beautiful girl boxer

To girl ebunika living in Russia
A certain talent!
It is said that we have begun to learn boxing from 4 years old,
We shatter thing which is punch
We have worn skill!
We pay attention to future genius boxer very much.