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Leading company "FP Corporation" of food tray supporting distribution, sale of food. Since the formation in 1962, we continue in total various development of products for change of the eating habits including food tray not to transform even if we heat up in microwave oven. With "really delicious food tray" to produce by such a high technology? Furthermore! We accompany president toward top sales and report! We adhere to hot thought of company challenging creation and innovation!


[navigator / narrator] Kurara Chibana

Program summary

Though the name is not known to Japan very much, there are many superior companies proud to the world! We spotlight such a company by this program every time and approach keenly.

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Program summary

This Gulliver grind Japan well.

Is proud to the world in Japan; there are many companies to the people in the know.
We spotlight figure of such a superior company and approach keenly!


Kurara Chibana