Hard; register; police coherence 24:00! That, in Japan of ... this year, police officer of ... whole country invites one year when is new with pure white feeling to lesson in various case accidents that got up last year ... 2017 in winter in these days to have what do not imagine in year whenever it will be for what kind of one year in sequence; fight hot even in winter of 35th, men of "hard series to register" was started this time!

All the details until "merchant “ atrocious old man of stimulant" arrest! ・The ・ ・ Hiroshima Prefectural Police

The program history best, stimulant
We adhere to great apprehension drama that we confiscated more than approximately 10 million yen minute!
It is ... that the police targeted
Merchant of stimulant in its 70s.
It is ... from young man to foreigner and middle woman born under the same zodiac sign as the current year
We keep selling stimulant one after another.
Arrest of the business spot of stimulant and merchant old man,
Mass seizure hard; register!

We uncover "lie" at master this time of quality of job! ・The ・ ・ Chiba Prefectural Police

Regular customer of "hard we register police coherence 24:00"
We adhere to master of quality of post at Chiba Prefectural Police this time.
We smoke out bad guys in sharp power of observation this time,
And we attack!
Man who found at parking lot of certain shop,
Is going to dodge quality of job evasively, but ...
Such a "lie" is not used. Man ...
It was driving without a license how more than 30 years!

It is coherence ... north sea Hokkaido Prefectural Police for men following Hokkaido of heavy snow

Hokkaido where heavy snow laid thick from early time more than average year.
If there is much snow, it is a lot
Possibility that big accident happens increases.
We adhere to high speed corps of such Hokkaido.
In expressways corps of the whole country,
It is said that there are a lot of places unlike others.