Hard; register; police coherence 24:00! It is ... Trump for ... President of the United States in ... 2016 autumn. The U.K. leaves ... EU. The present age when imagination danishinaikotoga which is impossible if before a little takes place. Japan does not know whether ... anything happens after this either. We adhere to men who must follow such Japan. We send the world of ... truth that is not sham this time again!

It is the coherence north sea Hokkaido Prefectural Police for ... veteran detective until “ retirement age for another more than 100 days

There is this person in Hokkaido, Otaru!
Body is huge, but there is detective gentle at heart.
To expert detective who was another 131 days until retirement age
When adhere; ...
Man who received assault to man of duo, and became bloody.
Veteran moved quickly and chased ferocious men.
All the details until arrest hard; register!

It is the discovery ... Aichi Prefectural Police in professionals of quality of person's post to enter breast straight

The eyes, the words are different from other people in both gangs and two taste
Masters of questioning.
Hard; register, and is police 24:00,
We introduced master of quality of national job until now,
We introduce master whom "we fail this time by talking about oneself".
We uncover lie of vicious driver in luxury model.

Splendid help from the sky! Look for man who fell into valley; ... north sea Hokkaido Prefectural Police

In very large Hokkaido, we solve case, accident from the sky
We adhere to flying corps.
Report, man who went to pick wild plants "fell into valley."
When flying corps look hard from the sky; ...
We adhere to fierce help drama.