Spring of 2016 ... It became warm, and cherry tree bloomed, too It was season that it is easy to spend, but ... these days have many cases strange for some reason. One or ... that the times let you do so Or is there any different factor? It which we read the times sensitively and investigate is mission of police officer! We adhere to person keeping security of town today!

Arrest “ continuation obscenity criminal! ・The ・ ・ Kyoto Police

Obscenity cases that aimed at young woman in Kyoto continue
We were up. Apartment where the police had case
From picture of security camera of convenience store of neighborhood,
We identify a certain man. It was "surprising man" really.

Chase coherence criminal to woman detective! ・The ・ ・ Tochigi Police

We adhere to woman detective of the Tochigi Prefectural Police.
It is popular person of the workplace out of the softness of demeanor and the gut.
Even Tochigi embraces woman from behind and touches,
Three cases occur.
Achievement of woman detective this at moment of arrest!

What is it that accident police officer only by Okayama is careful at deep night? ・The ・ ・ Okayama Police

In Okayama, irrigation canal in residential area became problem.
Accident to fall into irrigation canal, and to die
Approximately 30 are taking place in three years, too.
When, in the middle of the night, we patrol in police car on that day,
Two women fell into irrigation canal.
On earth why does such an accident happen?