It is days before hit that there is no help for it as for being hot in the daytime, but exceeds ...30 degree from morning to evening The Japanese Islands where record heat leads to We cannot lose “ heat! Men working hard at the investigation by "and "heat" more than it The 30th, hotter fight of "hard series to register" are developed this time!

We arrest pirating ... man who does not learn lesson for "false smartphone"!

... that police officer investigating pirating and pervert says
Saying "guy looking around at home is critical." Man ... which looks at the circumference restlessly more than required
When it has a look to have been caught in net of the investigation; smartphone,
However, it was man who had special camera in imitation of smartphone when we saw well.
We arrested man who aimed at high school girl!

This car arrests habitual offender of doubtful ... stimulant!

Car to think "not to be doubtful at all" if it is ordinary person.
However, car as for the expert of questioning
We thought, "it is doubtful" and stopped.
Then as expected from car of man stimulant.
Besides, it was the man, habitual offender with a history of arrest of stimulant.

We adhere to "dianthus police box" of Kyoto!

There is police officer of woman even if we go when for 24 hours
"Dianthus police box."
Surely to police officer of man,
... which it may be hard to talk about very much.
Best talented woman of "dianthus police box,"
Chinese adheres to proficient policewoman.