Who is presents strongest entertainer GAME LIVE "now" most delightful guy?

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Sunday, June 26, 2016 4:00 p.m. broadcast

ABOUT program summary

Entertainer! Idol! YouTube creator!
We crash for pride live!
We play by "power to please person seeing" through advanced culture game live broadcast purely! It is unprecedented gachinkobatoru called audience of live broadcasting to judge!

Lineup that each game title coming up is proud of national popularity!
"Play! Bonn Burman"
"Puzzle & Dragons radar -"
"White cat project"

How do luxurious performers please audience through game?

Audiences before TV grasps remote control of data broadcasting
Please participate in live broadcasting!

The number of buttons which you pushed [entertainer] [idol] [YouTube creator] at acquisition point of each team!
We will make most live event type TV show together!

CAST performer

Entertainer team

  • Robert (Hiroshi Yamamoto, Tatsuji Akiyama, Hiroyuki Baba)Robert
    (Hiroshi Yamamoto, Tatsuji Akiyama, Hiroyuki Baba)
  • Yuki Iwai (haraichi)Yuki Iwai
  • Udo SuzukiUdo Suzuki
  • Ayano FukudaAyano Fukuda
  • Chika TanabeChika Tanabe
    (cat private supplementary school)
  • Yoshikazu EbisuYoshikazu Ebisu
  • Shinya Irie (karateka)Shinya Irie

Idol team

  • Mayama rika (private institution Ebisu Junior High School)Mayama rika
    (private institution Ebisu Junior High School)
  • Kayo SatoKayo Sato
  • Kayo NoroKayo Noro
  • Miyu KoikeMiyu Koike
  • Saori Ogino (A o P)Saori Ogino
    (A o P)
  • Hiroko MoriguchiHiroko Moriguchi
  • Miwako KakeiMiwako Kakei

YouTube creator

  • KosukeKosuke
  • Cook; cookCook; cook
  • It is Kikuchi ta-daIt is Kikuchi ta-da
  • gikochangikochan
  • Interrupting teaInterrupting tea
  • Go ☆JASGo ☆JAS

☆It is necessary to connect TV to the Internet to validate vote.
We may collect the participation situation using Internet connection function for the purpose of investigation.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand. In that case, information that we can identify does not treat individual.