From February 28, 2018 to March 21 The Friend-Ship Project 15th ... for a short term intensive course ... "method to come to like hateful person"

For a short term intensive course! 12 methods that any annoying person can like surely!

"It is too annoying human being Museum" which collected too annoying human being who appeared in the Heisei era.
One or ... which it was why, and they appeared in the Heisei era
One or ・・ which can like such a junk how
When Japan was hit for the first time since history on record there, a certain crisis was hidden


Theatrical company one others guest

We are going to broadcast

・1 late-night until from February 28 to March 20 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday: 30-1: 35 (all 12 times)
・March 21 Wednesday (holiday) from 9:11 a.m. to 9:41

With Friend-Ship Project

Family, friend, connection that we cannot quit with person and person including partner in work, "bond."
Friend-Ship Project continues drawing "bond" with all of various companies.
We project form of various "bonds" by program and ask to audience and society about the way.

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