Handwriting book of Yasuhito Endo with signature presents simple thought that "we can decide in instant" to three people!

VIP guest of 1/28 Serie A Juventus appears in studio!

Giorgio Rich (Juventus F.C. global partnership person in charge)
Daisuke Yano (former representative from Japan interpreter)
Tsuyoshi Kitazawa (former representative from Japan)

With Top Ten only with world F.C. income rank in Italian club and Juventus which even the league conquest, Europe CL push forward piece until the final almost every year in the country, and continues pushing on. We press new marketing strategy of Juventus which entered into Cygames and sponsor contract of Japanese company last year! We serve as interpreter of Giorgio Rich of Juventus, and familiar Daisuke Yano appears in studio in rucksack JAPAN, too! Don't miss it!


  • Masanobu Katsumura (winning irregularity Masanobu)
  • The Masanobu Katsumura (winning irregularity Masanobu) date of birth: July 21, 1963, hometown: Saitama
  • Aiko Kaido (draw to mind)
  • The Aiko Kaido (draw to mind) date of birth: January 25, 1984, hometown: Chiba