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Broadcast active play female college student tells at 24:20 on Saturday, October 20, 2018! SNS utilization to be useful for soccer!

SNS which becomes a part of the life now. The influence is big in soccer world, and overseas big club performs various plans on SNS and acquires fan. On the other hand, J League is hard to say that such approaches are enough. On earth what should I do? Crossroads love sand initiates into skill in SNS utilization to be usable from tomorrow shrewd female college student leading much-talked-about plan including night pool of Odaiba to success in sequence! It is sure that soccer becomes more fun by simple technique, thing!

Masanobu Katsumura
Reina Washimi (TV TOKYO announcer)
Crossroads love sand (social planner)
Satoshi Tsunami (former representative from Japan)

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