4/28 poker world one is initiated into! Probability theory to lead Japan to victory in the World Cup

Naoya Kihara (poker world one)
Yoshika Matsubara (former Olympics representative)

Up-and-coming keyword tonight "establishment theory!" You invite championship, professional poker player Naoya Kihara who experienced one of the world literally to guest by world poker championship of 2012, and please initiate into probability theory for representative from Japan to win in the World Cup! Aspect after all mental as for element, the technique that of course are physical to actually win by game of soccer as for of course being said that it is the most important in the world of poker. Let's learn men Tal and way of thinking that may be helpful even to real life tonight!


  • Masanobu Katsumura (winning irregularity Masanobu)
  • The Masanobu Katsumura (winning irregularity Masanobu) date of birth: July 21, 1963, hometown: Saitama
  • Aiko Kaido (draw to mind)
  • The Aiko Kaido (draw to mind) date of birth: January 25, 1984, hometown: Chiba