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Broadway Christmas Wonderland 2017

※Performance was finished


From Friday, December 15, 2017 to 25th Monday [all 16 times]

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13:00     Holiday Holiday Holiday      
19:00     Act Act Act      

※The opening is 30 minutes ago of the start
※We plan for two hours at presentation time (we include break)
There is performance = Miyu Honda guest-shot at 12/15( fri) 13:00


Tokyu theater Aube
The eleventh floor of Shibuya Hikarie
〒150-8510 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Hikarie 11F

Support supporter

Miyu Honda
It is guest-shot for 12/15( fri) 13:00 performance

We appeared on "Broadway Christmas Wonderland" of the premiere in Japan as 2 performance guest skaters last year. Christmas tree of set in scene was very big and we could slip in front of it and were really happy. When it was not own turn, we saw dance and song of performer by stage sleeve, but we forgot that place where oneself was was Japan, and it ran over, and it was just crowded on American Christmas by the world of show. It is wonderful show that there is never moment to separate eyes. We will act as support supporter of "Broadway Christmas Wonderland" and do guest-shot as skater this year. We try so hard that we practice a lot and can do the best performance. Please come to see!


Christmas that it is really fun, and is spectacular comes over!

"Broadway Christmas Wonderland" that met the premiere in Japan in Tokyu theater Aube in last December.
Show that it is powers up and comes back to winter charming sights of Shibuya who is new as "Christmas to enjoy in theater" to follow "Radio City Christmas spectacular" which passes in NY more than 80, and is got close to!
In Christmas town where huge tree and stained glass sparkle, the world of ice,
What is developed in dreamlike space
Familiar chest is many Christmas songs to be excited from gospel to pop music.

It is highlight full loading to splendid ice show with link on the stage tap for song of singers playing an active part in musical world, splendid dance by first-class dancers more!
Of course Santa Claus appears on stage filled with surprise, too.
What jumps out next?……As having visited amusement park; wakuwakudokidoki,
You can enjoy without reason from adult to child, and please expect for special performance to be used to smile.


Weekday S seat 8,800 yen, A seat 5,800 yen (all tax-included seat designation)

Saturday and Sunday: S seat 9,800 yen, A seat 6,800 yen (all tax-included seat designation)

※Under 3 years old entrance is impossible. One piece is necessary for ticket per person.

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