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Middle of the night of Wednesday, March 28, 2018 1:35 #25 last inning SP! Unpredictable battle by grand champion meeting final & YouTuber total number 19!

Music block

Appearance: Ohashi is small, The Mash, Hollow Bug, SILVERTREE, LASTGASP, the flower sea
Guest: Fishing Shunsuke, mofukuchan, Hinata Kato (Chief Editor music Natalie), Takuo Ueno (Rolling Stone Japan chief director), Yoichiro Tsunoda (variety producer), Noriko Okuguchi (Victor Entertainment), Daisuke Tanaka (universal music)

YouTuber block

Appearance: MEGWIN, decaKyn, Asuka, sole are good; come, a kind of leatherfish video, RATE VFX, atsuro, kaneman, orona and mash, lower garden reika, ayapocha, channel, kyato to learn, bowl not to go, starving Twins kako & ako
Guest: Toshiyuki Someya

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Program summary

Talent "enter X" heaping up next-generation entertainment world comes up one after another! Special live by measure artist coming to guest who music artist /YouTuber of two sets of every time comes up, and announces live performance / video, and decides victory or defeat by judgment of battle judge is airing plan

MC: Furusaka University demon king Niki

<YouTuber block performer>
Enter X regular YouTuber: MEGWIN, decaKyn, Asuka, sole
Guest: Entertainer and talents loving entertainment
<music block performer>
Next-generation musicians dreaming of achievement in top scene
Guest: To big game music producer, major artist, entertainer and talent of musicomania

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