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We make questions for 3 *mondai about contents of program every time! We present luxurious prize from correct answer person by lot!

Receptionist of application is 30 minutes after closedown! We understand the correct answer if we watch broadcast! Don't miss it!

You fill in necessary matter, and, after checking the following instructions, please click "we apply".

  • ※When it is past time in, we cannot participate in present quiz!
  • ※Application would like one time of one.
  • ※When there is plural application in mobile and homepage, we may exclude from lottery. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ※When you are hard to access, you leave time without reloading immediately, and please access some other time.
  • ※When application centered, we may not access. Thank you for your understanding.


[quiz from Episode 12 (December 23 broadcast)]

This time "use during poster (cherry blossom vsERIKA) & straight photograph set & drama during autographed drama with signature! We present towel set with logo to one person!
Please apply in answer to quiz!

Food which cherry blossom does not like?
  1. Octopus Vienna sausage
  2. Yakisoba
  3. Banana

※Application receptionist is only 30 minutes after the closedown. We cannot apply now.