It is the first time TV history! Astronaut and live communication to be at the International Space Station from the Japanese sky!

Based on picture of the earth from the International Space Station and satellite, it is live program which medical examination makes the present earth in "clinical survey" "earth dock" which does not become. Communication live from Astronaut Koichi Wakata and the Japanese sky which are at the International Space Station. We tell about figure of "life" of the current earth. Triggered by picture from the space, we introduce crisis of taking place natural environments now on the earth. Reporter who visited the place tells about voice and actual feeling of local person.

Reality of the earth which we saw from space

You can see the details when we click button of map.

It is message from Astronaut Koichi Wakata

The International Space Station that is located to sky 400km of the earth.
It is message for everybody from Astronaut Koichi Wakata whom there is in the experiment ridge "hope" in Japan!

It is message from Astronaut Koichi Wakata

Yosuke Eguchi acting as program MC collects data on Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Tsukuba space center by oneself! What is activity of JAXA? What is training of astronaut?

Satellite image quiz

This is part of the earth which man-made satellite of JAXA caught. On earth what is this? Answer is announced in program!