Drama special "Sachiko of oblivion"

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"Oblivion"…State of dainty food to reach at moment when we tasted effect imonootadahitasurani.

Literary arts magazine editor acknowledged superiority of co-worker with "woman of iron" as for Yukiko Sasaki (Mitsuki Takahata) by the perfect performance. In marrying Shungo whom we met in the private life while traveling. We reached wedding day and obtained the perfect life!…hazuga, Shungo disappear suddenly in the middle of wedding ceremony? - that one Sachiko was stunned with reason not being identified. The next day. "Shungo" who it was Sachiko who went to her office as usual, but appears in head at just moment. So that Sachiko who noticed that oneself was more shocked than expected calms down without "Shungo" being separated from head even if work even if walk town; to diner. - that it was menu which we chose properly, but shock runs to Sachiko who carried set meal which came out to mouth casually! It was moment when Sachiko trod into "the beautiful esophagus of oblivion"! What is gourmet very difficult to deal with who appeared before her who looks for "gourmet of oblivion?" And with surprising action that Sachiko took…?

[the lead] Mitsuki Takahata

[the original] Jun Abe "Sachiko of oblivion" (among Shogakukan "weekly publication big comics spirits" serialization)
[supervision] Seita Yamagishi ("badly-bruised devil" "Shimokitazawa diehard" others)
[script] Satomi Oshima ("hananen yu" "sun called Hayami" "ya" others)
[chief producer] Futoshi Asano (TV TOKYO)
[producer] Yuto Iseki (TV TOKYO), Mariko Kinoshita (TV TOKYO), Tsutomu Fujiwara (Horipro), Takaaki Hirabe (Horipro)
[production] TV TOKYO Horipro
[production writing] "Sachiko of drama special oblivion" production Committee

(C)Jun Abe, Shogakukan / "Sachiko of drama special oblivion" production Committee

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